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10 Best Pool Floats You Need For Summer Fun

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Summer time is almost upon us and that means that I just had to update the best pool floats to be fitting for 2023! You know what’s most popular for the year and all that. When it comes to a hot summer day we all know that pool parties are the way to beat the heat with outdoor play. This can of course be one thrown at your local community swimming pool or a backyard pool. So get pool party planning!

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10 Best Pool Floats You Need For Summer Fun

Hosting a pool party this summer? Just don’t forget the water toys and fun pool games at your next swimming party. And ice cream floats. Those are a must have summer treat to help stay cool I’ve even got a really tasty recipe for a unique root beer float right HERE on the blog! You might even want to toss in a beach ball and lay out some water slides (I’m thinking of the slip and slide variety) to really up those summer fun days.

During the summer we spend a lot of time at our local community pool. Or in the case of the last two summers we spent a month each in St. George, Utah hanging out at my mother-in-law’s backyard pool. What can I say? One summer was due to my husband’s 3 month furlough and the other was his month long paternity leave. This will be the first summer in a long time that we will be doing our swimming at the local community pool!

It’s no secret that pool time is a great way to beat the heat of the hot summer day. And there are so many ways besides the typical pool noodles to float around in at your next pool party. Add in a decorative pool float or two and bob around in the water on those warm days. Here are the TEN best pool floats that will only add to your summer endless fun!

Get a delicious ice cream float recipe HERE. I call it a Freak Float and it’s perfect for summer!

Types of Pool Floats

There are so many different types of pool floats. And different names for them, too. Think of floaties, also called water wings, and how many different names people have for those! The most popular types of pool floats are of the ring variety: inner tubes, swim ring, etc. But there are also double pool floats, inflatable swim platforms, and baby pool floats.

Types of Pool Games

You’ll see below that one of the pool floats is indeed also a pool game in one. So I figured I’d give you some ideas of pool games that you might want to add in with the most popular pool floats.

Pool Basketball Hoop

Pool Volleyball Net

Uno Splash

Hydro Lacrosse

Pool Splash Balls

Pool Ring Toss

Pool Tic Tac Toe

All of which you can play while floating!

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Best Pool Floats For Travel

Here’s the thing when it comes to best pool floats for travel… there’s only a few things that you need. Simply pack your favorite pool float (folded up in your suitcase of course) and a portable air pump.

Inflatable Pool Floats

There are so many new arrivals for 2023. While there are dozens of fun pool float options out there, here are just a few of my favorite finds!

Strawberry Donut

These are the pool floats our daughter loves. Also quite comical. I mean whoever saw a donut that floats? Definitely in the category of funny inflatable floats. So cute and available HERE.

Mermaid Tail Glitters Pool Float

So colorfully cute with this mermaid tail pool float! While most little girls pretend to be a mermaid all summer long in the swimming pool wearing mermaid tails, the older girls will love lounging on a tail. This mermaid tail glitters pool float is perfect for floating on, lounging on and paddling all around the pool. It’s available HERE.

Boom Box Drink Holder

Boom box floatable drink holder, pool time fun, 80s vintage stereo

Inflatable cup holders are a must for backyard pool fun. And this particular 80’s retro version is both fun and functional! This boom box pool float in the form of a drink holder will keep tabs on your beverages while you swim. Get this retro floating drink holder HERE.


llama best pool floats

Llamas are totally in and this llama pool float is adorable. Kids will love pretending with this animal pool float. It’s available HERE.

Avocado Float

More funny inflatable floats? You cannot go wrong with this super cute and funny avocado float. I mean whoever thinks of an avocado floating around in a swimming pool? But don’t avocados just scream summer? Yes, they most definitely do! So it for sure works. Perfect for lounging and playing in the pool, the best part about this awesome pool float is it comes with it’s very own beach ball. Get the avocado float HERE.

Lounge Chair Water Hammock

blue white stripe water hammock best pool floats

A lounge chair in the swimming pool? Yes, please! That’s what you get with any basic pool hammock. You’ll be floating around in both style and comfort with this convenient lounge chair water hammock. A great deal and the perfect way to beat the heat of a hot summer day. striped floating lounge chair is available HERE.

Watermelon Pool Float

Pool floats with dual air chambers give you the ability to have a built in pillow and sun canopy in one! This watermelon pool float is such a cute addition to pool time fun for toddlers and it’s like a comfortable inflatable folding chair that floats. Get the watermelon pool float HERE.

Flamingo Pool Float

Large pool floats are the way to go because they have enough room for more than one person. This giant flamingo pool float is a decorative pool float and swim platform in one! It’s designed to hold 2 people at one time. Definitely perfect for summer fun. Check out more large pool floats HERE.

Shooting Star

shooting star best pool floats

Totally reminds me of Reading Rainbow! Speaking of… I can totally picture myself just lounging on this rainbow pool float while reading a favorite book. Stay tuned for my summer reading list…

Get this shooting star pool float HERE.


best pool floats unicorn

Fun and mystical, this unicorn pool float will add pizzaz to your next pool party. It’s colorful and has a whimsical design to really add to kids being involved in pretend play. I know that I can just picture my daughter pretending to ride the unicorn all over the pool! Get the unicorn pool float HERE.

Be sure to check out the other summer fun ideas on the blog HERE.


See what I mean? Absolutely no run of the mill pool floats or pool noodles in the above list. All are pool time novelty toys that serve a purpose at the pool parties and are fun for the whole family.

We love spending time together as a family at the pool. It’s always a great way to spend those warm days (or warm evenings) especially here in St. Louis. We have humidity like you would not believe. So pool time is a must all summer long. And these pool floats only add to the endless summer fun.

Speaking of endless summer fun… I have a really cute printable right here on the blog that you’ll definitely have to check out. A great way to decorate for your summer party or on the patio.

And remember. Don’t miss out on the Freak Float root beer float HERE.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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