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21 DIY Christmas Advent Calendars You Can Make Today

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The month of December and magic of Christmas is almost here! A handmade advent calendar is always a fun way to countdown the days of Christmas, decorate for the season and get into the holiday spirit all at the same time. There are so many simple advent calendar ideas that can be made today and don’t even require a lot of effort. DIY Christmas advent calendars are just so fun and easy to make!

Easy DIY Christmas advent calendars

21 DIY Christmas Advent Calendars You Can Make Today

If I’m being honest… I’m sort of not at all ready for the holidays this year! I really need to get myself into the spirit of Christmas. I was just talking with my husband this morning about how late Thanksgiving fell this year. It feels quite strange to go from having Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas decorations so quickly.

Part of our holiday decor is always an advent calendar. It’s a fun Christmas tradition that the kids look forward to each year. Our calendar for the year always arrives on the night of December 1st when our bear elves show up on the front porch. We don’t do the Elf on the Shelf, my friends. That little elf is a creepy one! So we have Build-A-Bear friends dressed in festive holiday attire that hang out with us under December 25th. Our unique elves and perfect advent calendar is truly a holiday activity for the whole family to enjoy. It’s one of our favorite things of the season and the best part is it’s a concept that can be used to countdown for other big events, no matter the time of year.

See fun advent calendar ideas for kids HERE.

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What is the meaning of the advent calendar?

Since the 19th century people have been celebrating Advent. While it started with religious connotation (leading up to a major event like baptism), this tradition has evolved into a fun way to countdown to Christmas Day.

There are so many different types of advent calendars to choose from. While some calendars have cardboard doors that open to reveal chocolates each day, others have small toys or gifts for kids to enjoy. There’s even ones with building blocks. The LEGO advent calendars are always super popular with my family.

classic advent calendar

Do you start an advent calendar at 1 or 24?

It’s totally a personal preference! I personally like to countdown from 24 and end with 1. Or you can count up from 1 to 24. Either way will get you to the same goal of Christmas Day!

Is Advent only for Catholics?

No! While Catholicism celebrates Advent, many faiths (and even non believers) count down to the holiday season. It’s a beautiful tradition for every family.


Making your own DIY Christmas advent calendars is easy to do and a great option if you want something other than the chocolate advent calendar. Many can be reusable advent calendars for next year, too. Christmas traditions are something that your kids will remember as they grow older. Count down to the big day and start a family tradition with your own homemade advent calendar!

diy christmas advent calendars

DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

Want to avoid the typical store bought variety? The following are so festive and easy to make. Plus, there are a few that are Christmas farmhouse style which is totally in.

DIY LEGO Advent Calendar – Seeing Dandy

Giant Advent Calendar Coloring Page – Seeing Dandy

Wood Snowman Advent Calendar – Mod Podge Rocks

Juice Box Christmas Advent Calendar – Play Party Plan

Repurposed 45 Record Advent Calendar – Organized 31

Chicken Wire Advent Calendar Wreath – Elle Marie Home

Wood Slice Christmas Tree Ornaments Advent Calendar – Atta Girl Says

Magnetic Christmas Countdown Calendar – Our Crafty Mom

Reverse Advent Calendar – Joyfully Thriving

Fabric Ribbon Advent Calendar – Sustain My Craft Habit

Lego Advent Calendar – Little Bins For Little Hands

DIY Minimalist Hanging Advent Calendar – Francine’s Place

Felt Nativity Advent Calendar – The Thrifty Couple

DIY Burlap Advent Calendar – Blue and Hazel

DIY Christmas Ornament Advent Calendar – Shrimp Salad Circus

Paper Pyramid Advent Calendar – Endlessly Inspired

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Village – Honey and Lime

DIY Magnetic Matchbooks Advent Calendar – Mom Always Finds Out

Printable Advent Calendar Activity Cards – Mama Papa Bubba

DIY Craft Stick Advent Calendar – The Merry Thought

DIY Paper Star Advent Calendar – Oh Oh Deco

So many simple ideas! Did you spy the Christmas farmhouse style ones?

Which is your favorite easy DIY advent calendar?

What types of items can be placed inside an advent calendar?

There are so many great advent calendar filler ideas to choose from. Here are just a few fun things that are perfect as the daily gift to go inside:

  • Small toys or little gifts
  • Festive pencils
  • Candy canes
  • Holiday stickers
  • Christmas erasers
  • Lip balm

All of the items can be found at your local dollar store so it’s very inexpensive to stock an advent calendar!

More than just DIY Christmas advent calendars…

If you haven’t started decorating for Christmas yet then now is the time! There are so many gorgeous Christmas decorations that you’ll find available at the bottom of this blog post. Some can even be great DIY ideas, too! But first… Here’s my current favorite holiday decor find that can be bought or DIY.

Evergreen Plaid Buffalo Check Christmas Trees Seasonal Christmas Farmhouse Style Banner

 I love Christmas banners. This one is also very farmhouse decor in style.

It’s easy to use this ready made banner as an advent calendar by simply adding numbers!

Get this farmhouse Christmas banner HERE.

Like the DIY Christmas advent calendars?

Be sure to check out the other DIY Christmas ideas on the blog HERE.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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