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5 Legally Blonde Musical Favorites At The Muny In St. Louis

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I finally had my chance to witness the transformation of Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde musical at The Muny and it was so much fun! Definitely worth the wait. It was my first time seeing this Broadway production and it’s one that I will be seeing again and again.

the muny legally blonde musical playbill

5 Legally Blonde Musical Favorites At The Muny In St. Louis

Let’s just say that last week was interesting. First, my family all came down with that virus that is going around. Such a nightmare. I was so sad to miss media night for the musical Legally Blonde here in St. Louis due to my sickness. Then my beloved Forest Park flooded. Our city was hit with a crazy rainstorm. The airport reported that we actually received 4 inches of rain in an hour. That is a lot of rain in such a short amount of time. Life in St. Louis was turned upside down due to flash flooding and the entire St. Louis area is still recovering.

But the show must go on and on it did go! The entire production of Legally Blonde was able to pivot quickly after The Muny flooded and get things right back on track. Reese Witherspoon, who originated the role of Elle Woods, even reached out to the cast (via video) to wish them well. Isn’t she just the best actress?! Only one show needed to be canceled due to the flood and The Muny was able to build in an extra night. I’m so grateful that the added Monday night gave me the opportunity to attend. Being that I’m completely well now and way beyond the window of time where I needed to be isolated, I was able to enjoy a night out at one of my favorite places in Forest Park!

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Girl Power!

legally blonde girl power

I of course had to bring my blonde girl as my plus one. We both love Broadway musicals and it was fun to experience this show together!

Legally Blonde Musical

The adored movie starring Reese Witherspoon was indeed a box office hit of its day and I dare say that it’s still a beloved movie by many, amassing quite the cult following. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s one of my favorite and I’m not at all surprised that the ultimate broadway tribute would be done in its honor. Elle Woods quickly became Broadway’s brightest new heroine while on the pursuit of her dreams to follow her ex boyfriend Warner to Harvard Law School.

It’s the heartwarming store of a wealthy sorority house girl from Malibu who is prone to seeking the approval of others over herself. Along the way she discovers that she truly does have what it takes to attend the prestigious law school and stand on her own. And with the support of some new friends, everyone’s favorite blonde heroine learns that “being true to yourself never goes out of style”.

muny stage lights

How many awards has Legally Blonde won?

I’m very disappointed to report that the Legally Blonde musical didn’t take home any Tony Awards back in 2007 even though it was nominated for seven different ones. Given my thoughts on this particular musical, I really think that it should have won a few Tonys. It did, win THREE Laurence Olivier Awards, one of which was best new musical. Most definitely well deserved in my opinion.

What musical numbers are in Legally Blonde?

Omigod You Guys


Daughter Of Delta Nu

What You Want

The Harvard Variations

Blood In The Water



Chip On My Shoulder

So Much Better

Whipped Into Shape

Delta Nu Nu Nu

Take It Like A Man

Bend And Snap

There! Right There!

Legally Blonde

Scene Of The Crime

Find My Way

And now for my 5 Legally Blonde musical favorites…

legally blonde musical playbill

Favorite Song

The feel-good musical comedy is filled with so many memorable songs, but my favorite has to go to the opening number with the Delta Nus and ‘Omigod You Guys’. Such a fun one with a catchy tune! It was also foreshadowing and all about perfection with Elle needing to find the perfect dress, so she could look perfect for her perfect evening as she received the perfect proposal.

Favorite Character

So many great characters from the Greek chorus to Emmett Forrest to Warner Huntington III to Vivienne Kensington to Professor Callahan to Brooke Wyndham to Paulette to the pink-loving sorority girl, Elle… it’s truly hard to choose just one. But one I must choose. There was just something about Paulette and the way she made you feel like she was a Southie hairstylist. Comedic and fun, she had the accent down and when she sang ‘Ireland’ you could really grasp the talented range of her vocals. So character and actress, most definitely a favorite.

Favorite Set Piece

The Muny is known for its stunning productions and set design masterpieces, but I think that my answer on this one is really going to surprise you. While the set was amazing as always, my favorite set piece goes to the one that was broken. Right before the cast entered the halls of justice at the end of the show, a giant panel of the set fell forward. In doing so it appeared to break the ability to rotate from set frame to frame. Why would this be my favorite set piece? I witnessed something that I’ve never seen before and it was very inspiring. The production and set crew came out on stage and quickly worked together to move the broken set pieces out of the way. So the show could yet again go on! I think that it was fitting that on the last night of production, after what felt like endless struggles had been taking place, this occurred. It showed the power of a team and resolve. What took place was amazing to see and definitely something that I will remember for many years to come.

Favorite Moment

There are just so many dynamic show-stopping dance numbers and sassy musical moves to choose from. Don’t be surprised when this fun award-winning musical knocks your socks off! My favorite moment is going to go to the jump rope sequence when exercise guru Brooke Wyndham and the ensemble are perfectly timed together. There was not a single misstep (or in this case miss-jump) and all was done in orange prison jumpsuits no less!

Favorite Snack

Of course I just had to go with something pink to be all matchy-matchy with pink loving Elle! Ronnie’s Strawberry Sorbet is both delicious and refreshing. Perfect for a sweltering night at The Muny!

ronnies strawberry sorbet

Don’t miss out on the remaining Muny season!

You do not want to miss out on the remaining productions at The Muny. There is still so much more to see before the end of the season!

Get your Muny tickets HERE.

What’s up next at our magical outdoor theatre in Forest Park?

You’ll find Muny magic here in St. Louis for another couple weeks!

Next up

The Color Purple: August 3-9

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: August 12-18

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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