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How To Make A Christmastime Birthday A Special Time

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Only one of my children has a Christmastime birthday. I’ve heard all too often from the adults who fall into this category. Many will tell you that they grew up feeling their birthdays were slighted and overlooked by the holiday season. Especially if their day happens to be stuck in between Christmas and New Years. While it is difficult to keep the birthday celebrations separate from the holidays, we make it happen. We never want our girl to think that her day has been forgotten or not as big of a deal as her sibling’s day. So we make sure the birthday feels just as special as everyone else’s.

Christmastime birthday at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, MO. Beautiful stained glass decor.

Christmastime Birthday

On this day seven years ago, our girl was born an entire month early. I remember being so nervous that it was too soon, that she wouldn’t be able to breathe properly, but she was ready. She made her entrance quickly but quietly. So quite in fact that the nurses rushed her off to the NICU because she refused to cry. It was discovered that she was just fine. She just didn’t fell like crying so she didn’t. Definitely a precursor to her strong willed nature that we know and love. And our little surprise tax deduction for 2011 has been surprisingly us ever since!

Princess Christmastime birthday girl sitting on her throne at the Fabulous Fox.

Celebrating A Christmastime Birthday

Last night I took her to the press night for Anastasia at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. It was her first time at the Fox and she loved every minute of it. To see the theatre through her eyes was like seeing it all over again. She delighted in even the smallest areas that most people probably overlook.

Fox Theatre antique phone booth in the powder room for a little girl's Christmastime birthday.

She was amazed by the way phone booths for elegant ladies used to be. Or rather what a phone booth even was!

Anastasia was a beautiful production. Full of suspense, love, wonder and adventure. Quite fitting for a birthday celebration. It’s the story of a journey from the past to the present. I’d say that’s perfect for reflecting on the birthdays gone by and celebrating the one of today.

Anastasia the musical is the perfect way to celebrate a Christmastime birthday.

Photo cred: Evan Zimmerman, MurphyMade

The story followed the animated version closely, but in a much more elegant manor. New musical numbers abound and the costumes were exquisite. It truly left you wondering if what you witnesses was all simply a magnificent hope and dream. This production is one that will continue for years to come. When today becomes the past.

The Fox Theatre is the perfect place to celebrate a Christmastime birthday.

More details and to get tickets go HERE.

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Happy Holidays!


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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