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Cranberry Popcorn Garland: Easy To Make And Big On Victorian Christmas Style

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Old fashioned Christmas decorations are always popular and the perfect way to spread holiday cheer throughout your home. Oftentimes this type of Christmas decor is homemade. It can even be a great family activity to make each year. And… popcorn cranberry garland definitely fits the criteria for Victorian Christmas style!

easy diy cranberry popcorn garland

Cranberry Popcorn Garland: Easy To Make And Big On Victorian Christmas Style

Popcorn cranberry garland is easy to make and fun for the entire family to get involved in. A truly old fashioned Christmas tradition that you’ll want to make year after year. It’s also a great farmhouse Christmas decoration idea.


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History of Cranberry Popcorn Garland

Particularly during the Colonial, Victorian and Depression eras people have decorated their Christmas trees with a food theme. Perhaps it’s due to food often being in more plentiful supply as opposed to traditional decorations and ornaments. Pears, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, popcorn and cranberries have all been quite popular.

Stringing popcorn and cranberries together became a festive way to decorate the tree. All the color of Christmas to use as garland on a green backdrop of the tree. It’s no surprise that the tradition of decorating with cranberry popcorn garland took hold. 

Over the years more permanent ways to create the Christmas decoration have come to be. Decor companies have mass produced cranberry and popcorn garland in plastic form so that it can be used over and over again from year to year. Not a DIY option but less work and always has the same look. Both DIY and store bought plastic will add to your holiday decorations!



DIY Cranberry Popcorn Garland

What you’ll need:

  • white popcorn kernels
  • cranberries
  • string or flexible wire
  • needle for threading

ocean spray cranberries and jolly time white popcorn

bead smith illusion cord


What you’ll do:

Step 1:  Pop some popcorn. I used white popcorn to getting a brighter look, but you can definitely use yellow popcorn if you prefer. It will just carry a more off white hue. Could be perfect for an old fashioned Christmas look, though!

white popcorn and ocean spray cranberries

I love this microwave popcorn popper available HERE. Such a great value and so easy to use. It’s available in 2 sizes (1.5 quart snack size or 3 quart family size), 6 different colors (red, yellow, blue, pink, teal, and black), is BPA Free and dishwasher safe. Definitely my favorite way to pop popcorn!


Step 2:  Thread some string or jewelry making cord. Tip: You’ll want to make sure first that the eye of the needle will go through a cranberry or piece of popcorn without breaking it apart. If the popcorn cracks then you’ll need to use a needle with a smaller eye.

bead smith illusion cord and needle


Step 3:  String a cranberry onto the thread. Do this by putting the needle through the top middle of the cranberry and then slide the cranberry down the needle. Try and stay in the middle so that it’s evenly threaded on the string, but being perfect is not required.

ocean spray cranberries


Step 4:  Slide cranberry to the bottom of the string. Then tie a knot around the cranberry. This will work as the stopper at the end.

ocean spray cranberry on a string


Step 5:  Add a piece of popcorn. Or another cranberry before the popcorn kernel if you want a different order/look.

stringing popcorn christmas garland


Step 6: Continue adding cranberries and popcorn. You’ll do this all along the entire length of thread. As mentioned above, you can do different orders and patterns.

cranberry popcorn garland in front of vintage aluminum christmas tree

You can even do string of all popcorn garland!



Step 7:  Hang on a Christmas tree. Inside the house or even outside the house!


cranberry popcorn garland on christmas tree with union jack ornament

Very farmhouse Christmas, too!


If you decorate outside with the garland then the birds and squirrels get a delicious treat!

outdoor christmas tree with silver star and cranberry popcorn garland

outdoor christmas tree with cranberry popcorn garland


And kids will enjoy decorating the outside trees, too.

kids decorating outdoor christmas tree with popcorn cranberry garland


decorating outdoor christmas tree with popcorn garland



How To Get Christmas Garland To Last Longer

Use spray clear Mod Podge sealant for the indoor Christmas garland decorations to last longer. A simple and pretty design for the holidays that is fun for the entire family to be involved in making!

christmas garland with vintage mistletoe


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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