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Disney On Ice Is A Multigenerational Family Activity

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I’m a big fan of a memory making multigenerational family activity. Growing up I spent a great deal of time with my grandparents. Many weekends I would stay the night at their home and they would take me on adventures around the city. We often gathered as one big family and ate dinner together. When I was 11-years-old we all moved to the Illinois side of the river and built homes across the field from each other. Even in high school I would run across the field for an after school snack! We had that type of special relationship and bond. You could say that we were a multigenerational family that lived in separate homes.

Multigenerational family activity at Disney On Ice 100 years of Disney magic.

Disney On Ice Is A Multigenerational Family Activity

The multigenerational family activity that I remember the most with my grandparents was very similar to Disney On Ice. So naturally I was beyond excited to spend last night with so many of my loved ones at Disney On Ice here in St. Louis.

In the 80’s there was no Disney On Ice. Back then we had Walt Disney’s World On Ice and the Ice Capades. Granted the skating shows were often geared toward children, so Disney characters definitely made an appearance. Think of Mickey and Minnie Mouse skating out and then an Ewok or two. Funny how the two worlds are now one in the world of Disney! Some things were the same though. Take the typical batons and lights sold at the skating show were very popular just like they are today.

Sparkle baton 80's Ice Capades.

One ice skating show I got a sparkly baton very similar to the one above. I also remember that during the show I started to feel really itchy. Particular on my stomach and back. As we got back to my grandparent’s home and I started to get dressed for bed, I noticed that I had red spots all over my stomach. I’m sure you’ve already guessed that I had developed the Chicken Pox and probably infected who knows how many people who were watching the show around us. Needless to say that Ice Capades went down in history as being the most memorable!

Magical Multigenerational Family Activity

Multigenerational family activity fun at Disney On Ice in St. Louis.

Disney On Ice is the perfect show for the entire family. There’s something for everyone. My parents and niece went with us, making this truly a multigenerational family experience.

Each year Disney On Ice is a family favorite for us, but this year was even more magical. We spent time with so many family members and created wonderful memories. Plus, the theme for this year’s show is celebrating 100 years of Disney magic. And did we ever celebrate!

Every girl in the rink sang it out.


Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic has all of the favorite characters. There are shorter performances and long ones that tell an entire storyline from a popular Disney movie. Our kids loved the story of Frozen set to ice skating, because it just fits perfectly. It’s a lively show that literally had kids singing and dancing in the aisles. Always the figure skater, our girl was even pretending to skate around!

Disney On Ice in St. Louis, MO is the perfect multigenerational family activity.

Speaking of our little figure skater… I discovered that a St. Louis native is actually in this production of Disney On Ice and she skated with our Ivy in Nutcracker On Ice back in 2017. Small world! Amanda Kennedy is a talented skater and it’s no surprise that she is touring with this amazing show.



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Did you spy your favorite character?

Make your own multigenerational family activity memories at Disney On Ice!

Disney On Ice “100 Years of Magic”
Jan 31-Feb 3
Enterprise Center
Tickets start at just $15 from Ticketmaster HERE.
Enjoy the show!
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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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