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How To Decorate Like Disney’s Haunted Mansion for Halloween

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Happy October 1st! (This Halloween decorating idea is from a few years ago, but I’ve updated it for October 2020!) My kids really like for our house to look creepy and extra spooky for Halloween. They especially like to decorate like Disney’s Haunted Mansion. The ride is most definitely a family favorite at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Okay and I really do love decorating our home to resemble the house of happy haunts, too. It’s really easy to do!

Disney's Haunted Mansion decorated with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme.

How To Decorate Like Disney’s Haunted Mansion for Halloween

It’s super easy and super cheap to decorate with this type of theme. You seriously cannot mess this one up. *wink*

You still have plenty of time before the little trick or treaters will be around telling jokes to get candy. I believe that the St. Louis Halloween jokes are just our own river city thing. Or perhaps it’s done elsewhere as well? I’ll have to ask around. Here in St. Louis kids have to tell a joke to the homeowner before they are given candy. My kids like to tell riddle type of jokes. They also love to see the spooky decorations around. Time to get going on the Halloween decorations!

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How old is Disney’s Haunted Mansion?

The Haunted Mansion is one of the original rides, making it a favorite Disney attraction for many. It opened at Disneyland in 1969 and then was an opening-day attraction in 1971 at Magic Kingdom.

What is the age requirement to ride on the Haunted Mansion?

There is no age requirement or height requirement to take a ride in through Disney World’s or Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, so it’s a Disney attraction that everyone in the family can go on together. Infants and toddlers can even be held on laps for the duration. However, keep in mind that it’s dark and a tad bit scary with creepy ghost figures, spooky sounds, black light effects, the ghost of a woman who liked to be a widow and an eery Madame Leota in a crystal ball. At the same time the Haunted Mansion was never intended to be that scary. Much of the ride is lighthearted and fun with dancing ghosts enjoying a party in the dining room and comical hitchhiking ghosts “in” each Doom Buggy. Just use your discretion as to whether or not the ride would be too much for your little ghouls.

Good News for Spooky Season

When it comes to these house decorations be sure to keep this in mind, foolish mortals… you seriously cannot mess this one up! It’s super easy and super cheap to decorate with this type of Halloween season theme. Perfect for every day decorating the month of October or for your Halloween party!

Decorate Like Disney’s Haunted Mansion With Simple Decor

You will definitely want to use decor that is slightly victorian and slightly spooky. I found these great skull wall frames a few years ago at Dollar Tree. (That’s always the right place to find a great deal on Halloween decor!)

Dollar Tree Haunted Mansion decorations.

I also found coordinating ribbon, skulls, webs, owls, etc. All at Dollar Tree! It’s definitely my go to store for all things Halloween. Let’s be honest. It’s my go to place for all holiday decorating. But I have seen items at places like Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and the Spirit Halloween store that are also a great way to decorate like everyone’s favorite haunted house.

I looped a ribbon at the top of each frame and hung ’em on the front doors.

Haunted mansion skull frames with black ribbon from Dollar Tree.

Years later and we are still using those skull picture frames on our front porch!

Spider webs help create the decorate like Disney’s Haunted Mansion look.

Haunted Mansion front door for Halloween. Easy to create.

You can even add spooky webs to your fireplace mantle.

These are available HERE.

Such an easy and simple look that’s elegantly spooky. Like the Haunted Mansion!

Skeletons everywhere…

Skeleton at the kitchen table to decorate like the Haunted Mansion.

You can never have too many skeletons. Get your skeletons HERE.

(Jack Skellington would also be perfect for this look and go perfectly with the Disney theme. He’s actually a fixture in the Haunted Mansion this time of year.)

Creepy picture frames and wall decor can also add to your inside decor.

Haunted mansion motion activated skeleton mirror.

This motion activated haunted mirror is available HERE.

Haunted Mansion zombie flicker picture for Halloween.


creepy options is available HERE.

These picture frames also mimic the wall decor found inside the mansion!

Decorate like Disney’s Haunted Mansion with transparent Haunted Mansion ghosts!

Cheesecloth ghost Halloween decor with IKEA hack bookcases.

One of my favorites on the Haunted Mansion ride is the dancing spirits. You can create a similar look with cheesecloth ghosts.

Haunting cheesecloth ghost standing up on piano bench.

These cheesecloth ghosts are so easy to make!

Get the DIY instructions on the blog HERE.

And of course you gotta add some Halloween lights! *wink*

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Flickering LED flameless votive candles are an easy way to add an eery look all throughout the home. Definitely gives off the Haunted Mansion vibe.

Haunted Mansion flickering LED flameless candles.

These are available HERE.

And if you really want to go all out… Grab a Haunted Mansion crystal ball.

Disney haunted mansion crystal ball.

This Haunted Mansion crystal ball is selling out really fast HERE. So you better act fast!

Make your home feel and look like everyone’s favorite haunted house.

It’s just that easy to decorate like Disney’s Haunted Mansion for Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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