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DIY Valentine Party Dartboard Game

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It’s coming soon. The day of school parties heard round the world. The day that kids in elementary school LIVE for.  It’s basically a fun day at school until the party starts.  No one really worries about actual school work on this day.  The teachers realize that the kids are just too excited to focus and learn.  After all…  There’s a party starting in just 4 hours!!!  This school day should really just be a party day.  ALL. DAY. LONG. If you are a room mom like me then you are probably on the hunt for a fun game to entertain those excited-about-the-party kids. I’m in charge of a game this year and so decided to create this really easy DIY Valentine party dartboard game. Fingers crossed it all goes according to plan on party day!


Now I’m not the greatest school party planning kinda mom. As a kid my mom was always a fixture Room Mother.  She was there for every single party.  And I loved it.  She always had the best game and craft ideas.  Seriously.  Super creative and this was all way before the likes of Pinterest.  Without having to tell you my age… Let’s just say that the internet didn’t even exist yet.  I’m sure the thought was there in the brain of someone, but we were still using those little square green screened Apples.  I think my school maybe had two of them and I’m not even sure what we really did on them.  This was before Oregon Trail, people.  There was no Google.  No Facebook.  No Instagram.  No PINTEREST.  Whatever did these room mothers do to plan a party way back when???  They used their brains I guess.  *wink*  Everyone was always in awe of Room Mom Linda.

When our son started school I had big ambitions.  I wanted to be that mom.  The Room Mother kind of mom.  I was going to plan the best party.  I was going to have the best ideas.  It was going to be the party of the ages.  The party that every child remembered.  FOREVER.  So I threw my first school party and then I came back down to reality.  Fast.  I don’t know how “those moms” did it.  How did they balance it all?  Especially when they had other kids to take care of.  Where did they come up with all of those ideas?  Because I’m not that creative.  I go on Pinterest and I become overwhelmed.  So then I have to take a Pinterest break because if I don’t I will not be able to fall asleep at night.  My thoughts will be consumed by all the talent that is out there.  All the greatest room moms ever and I will wonder how to copy what they created just so.  After all… It just has to be perfect, right?

So here I am just days before the Valentine’s party.  I chose not to be in charge of this particular party because who really has time for that?  Sure I’ll take my turn being in charge.  (I did the Halloween one and it took me weeks to recover.)  But I’ll also let other moms take charge.  We all gotta do it once in a while.  It takes a village.  Back to my being the party helper.  I’m assigned to do a game.  Instead of going to Pinterest for ideas… I learned my lesson last time.  ***I’m not hating on Pinterest.  I generally do really like Pinterest.  Just sometimes?  It stresses me out.  Slightly.***  This time I talked to the husband about my idea.  I cultivated my idea.  Right there in my own little head.  And I can honestly tell you that it didn’t take that long.  It was almost of of those “Eureka” type of moments!  (Which rarely happens for me.) And so it was born…

DIY Valentine Party Dartboard Game

(Using pin a conversation heart concept because we all know that actual darts in an elementary classroom would be a bad idea.)


What you’ll need:

  • Bag of conversation hearts candy
  • and sequins (not shown above)


What you’ll do:

First you’ll need to draw a small heart in the center of your board. Follow that with a middle sized heart around the smaller one. Then finally a large heart around the middle one one.


Let me tell you that drawing the hearts isn’t easy with a little guy “helping”.

Let me also tell you that little knees create little divots all over the board.


Ah well.  It gives it character.

Once you’ve drawn you various heart point zones then all you have to do is decorate, decorate, decorate.


There you have it. My very own creation… The DIY Valentine party dartboard game is complete!

Please don’t anyone be judging my 2nd grade heart drawing skills. I can hardly draw a circle so a heart is really pushing it for me. Plus, this is for a 1st grade party so THEY will be impressed.  *wink*

At the party I’m just going to put a glue dot on the back of a conversation heart, hand it to a blindfolded partygoer, and the kids will just have tons of fun seeing how many points they can accumulate by pinning the heart on the dartboard!


All that’s left to do is for me to grab some fabric upstairs to use as a blindfold!

Hmm.  Maybe I got some of my mom’s genes after all… Just a little bit?

Thought’s on this DIY Valentine party dartboard game that I created?

Let me know how it works out for you!

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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