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Floral Heart Valentine Printable Coloring Page

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It’s almost Valentine week! If you are planning or helping at the school party then here’s a Valentine printable coloring page that you can use. I know that I’ll be taking it with me to the school on Thursday!

Valentine printable coloring page perfect for the school holiday party.

School Party Planning And The Floral Heart Valentine Printable Coloring Page

I finally got my act together and realized last week that I should probably help with the school parties this time around. The ones in the fall and winter didn’t work out for me and I’ve been feeling like a bad mom because of it. To my own credit, I do volunteer once a month at the school store. So I’m not totally lacking in the volunteer mom department. But this school year has been the first time that I haven’t been involved with school parties. We were at Lake Powell for meet the teacher night, so I missed the sign up sheets for the holiday parties. I could just say that’s my excuse, but in truth I’ve had my own life events that I’ve been working through that have kept me away from being my usual self. Honestly? I’m still trying to emerge from that funk. It will take time and I think that actually being involved in things has been therapeutic for me. So I emailed Ivy and Parker’s teachers to ask what I could do to help.

It’s not a Valentine party. 

Two things. First, it’s no longer called a Valentine’s Day party at our elementary school. It’s now called a Friendship Day party or something like that. Trying to focus on positivity in my life so I won’t go into my thoughts on this change or the fact that perhaps the party shouldn’t be held on February 14th then. *wink*  Second, parents don’t sign up to plan parties in the 5th grade. I get it. We are all busy. But when I emailed the teacher and asked what I could do to help, I was met with the, “Well, no one has volunteered to be in charge or help…”  You already know where I’m going with this. I emailed the 1st grade teacher back and told her that I would actually need to help with the 5th grade. There’s always tons of help in the lower grades anyway. So to all the parent volunteers, I applaud you. Because I’m throwing together a party on the fly!

My party 5th grade party goes like this.

Craft time:

  • Paper fortune cookies that the kids can enclose notes of friendship to give away to friends and family.
  • Origami bookmarks because encouraging a love of reading is super important and I think the simple corner bookmarks are adorable.

I ordered this pack of 6×6 inch paper:

6 x 6 inch scrapbook paper.

Cute right? Plus, it’s an add-on item at only $3.83 HERE!


Game time:

  • Bingo with Dollar Tree prizes. (I asked a friend what she did for her son’s 5th grade party and she said this was a hit. Yay for the advice of friends!)

Valentine bingo cards.

Bingo cards available HERE.

Floral Heart Valentine Printable Coloring Page

I’m going to print of some of these coloring sheets and take with me to the party. I figure it’s perfect to have on hand if there’s some time to fill at the end of the party.

Floral heart Valentine printable coloring page.Print it off for your school party HERE.


This Valentine printable coloring page is calming!

Coloring is known for stress relief, so it’s also a great way to get the kids to calm down before heading home!

Easy and fun Valentine printable coloring page.


Happy party planning to all!

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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