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Frozen Homemade Oreos Recipe From Scratch

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Who doesn’t love Oreo cookies? At our house they are a must have favorite. But another favorite is the homemade variety. Because homemade is easy to do and shows that extra love. Prepare yourselves because I’m about to share with you the way we do homemade Oreos in the frozen form. So delicious!

Easy to make frozen homemade Oreos.

But first I need to tell you why we freeze ’em!

Frozen Homemade Oreos

In addition to our love for Disney vacations we also love the annual Lake Powell family vacation.  It’s a reunion of sorts and always such a good time.  We gather from all across the country and the kids get to spend time with their cousins.  No offense to the land of mouse, but our houseboat vacation with family is so much more magical.  It’s such a dandy place and the family time is dandy.  Just dandy all around!

Lake Powell red rock, views, sand beach and houseboat.

The thing about Lake Powell though?  It’s hot.  Like really hot.  Foods that don’t necessarily need to be kept cold (like cookies)… They melt and fast.  There’s not a lot of room in the fridge for things like cookies because we usually have around 30 people on the houseboat.  We have to save room in the fridge for real food!  But there’s a deep freezer out on the front of the boat.  So that’s where the cookies go. They stay fresh and nice and cool.

The favorite cookie ever year are these amazing cookies that my SIL makes and they are delicious kept frozen. Seriously so amazing. So refreshing. So perfect. I decided that I needed to replicate this amazingness at home. So I did.

Frozen Homemade Oreos Recipe From Scratch

First, I started with a dandy recipe for homemake Oreos from scratch.  I used this one from Sally’s Baking Addition.  Because honestly… Who has their own recipes?  Not me.  I can’t create a recipe to save my life.  But I can bake away from someone else’s recipe.  And so I did.  From Sally’s dandy recipe.

What you’ll do:

  • Mix all the ingredients together and chill the dough for at least 30 minutes
  • Roll into a ball and flattened slightly with the back of a spoon onto a cookie sheet.

Making homemade Oreos on red silicone baking mat.

Be sure to get yourself a silicone baking mat.  Seriously.  Once you start using one you will never go back to the old method.  Plus, why waste money on parchment paper that you are just going to throw away?  And by using a baking mat your cookie sheets will look beautiful forever unlike mine.  My cookie sheets are older than the silicone baking sheets.  I’m thinking I need new ones very soon.


After baking, the cookies looked like this:

Baked homemade Oreos on wire cooling rack.

Let them cool on a wire rack.


From there add the frosting.

Homemade Oreos with cream cheese frosting on granite countertop.

I did use 2 cups of powdered sugar instead of the 1 and 3/4 like the recipe said.

After eating a few samples we layer ’em up (separating the layers with wax paper) in a freezer safe container.

Freezing homemade Oreos in Rubbermaid containers.

So refreshing and cool right out of the freezer!  Just like at Lake Powell.  *Sigh*

Enjoy The Homemade Oreos

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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