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Grant’s Farm Halloween Drive-Thru Experience & Why You Should Pay

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This Halloween at the Farm is updated for Halloween 2021! For the second time ever you will be able to experience a St. Louis cherished destination in a whole new way. The Grant’s Farm Halloween drive-thru experience is happening again this year and why you need to go!

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Grant’s Farm Halloween Drive-Thru Experience

I’ve been going to Grant’s Farm since childhood. It’s a treasure for all of St. Louis and so many people have memories of time spent at this amazing farm. Since it’s opening the farm has been free admission.

Grant’s Farm first opened up to the public in 1951 and it has always been a ride thru on trams kind of experience. With walking around to see the other animals, attending animal shows, Until now.

The pandemic has created a need for being creative! We’ve missed being able to visit our favorite farm this year and sad that they’ve been struggling. I’m so excited that this St. Louis family experience is back. For the second year, guests will be able to experience the Tiergarten and Deer Park from their very own vehicles while viewing an amazing Halloween lights display!


What You’ll Do At The Grant’s Farm Halloween Event

Last year I saw decorations going up and was wondering what was going on. The Deer Park was transformed into a spooky land with lots of different themes for families to drive on thru.

We already reserved our tickets for this year! Reservations are required and tickets are going fast. Like last year, the event will start out in the parking lot and you’ll head to the Tiergarten to view decorations, animals, and more from your very own car.

Each vehicle with children inside will receive a complimentary bag of assorted candy from the Storybook Sweets gift shop and a fun Scavenger Hunt sheet. Perhaps you’d like to print off on of my free Halloween printables for the evening as well! I have those available for you HERE



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Grant’s Farm Halloween Drive-Thru UPGRADES

In addition, families can upgrade their experience with one of our ghostly bundles:

Tricks n’ Treats Package: This package includes 6 cans of Fanta, some Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites to share in your vehicle, 2 light up toys, and a unique Grant’s Farm Halloween Drive-Thru window cling to preserve the memory.

Spooktacular Package: This package includes everything in the Tricks n’ Treats Package PLUS exclusive Pumpkin Pie Caramel Bites from the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company, and a photo of your family car digitized in front of the green screen. 

Light-Up Toys: Can be purchase for each kid in your vehicle!


Important Reminders From The Website

• Value Parking Passes can’t be used

• No over-sized vehicles (RV’s, passenger vans or buses) or higher than 9ft

• No motorcycles

• This is a drive-thru experience only, so guests must remain in their vehicles at all times

• No guests should ride in the back of a pickup truck (guests must stay in vehicle at all times)

• No pets allowed

• Service animals permitted

• No loud music

• Keep speeds under 5 mph



Tickets To Grant’s Farm Halloween

The event is $40 per vehicle and I’ve already been seeing some push back on social media from people complaining about the cost. Here’s the thing… we all know that non events at Grant’s Farm have always been FREE to get in. We’ve all experience the farm (some since childhood) countless times for FREE.

For me it’s a small price to pay to help this local treasure that’s been hit hard by this pandemic. They haven’t been able to have visitors at all this year. We are lucky to have Grant’s Farm in our community.

Thank you to Grant’s Farm for this unique, once in a lifetime experience!!!

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Get your tickets HERE.


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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