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5 Hadestown Tour Favorites At The Fabulous Fox

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St. Louis has indeed been graced with a theatrical experience that needs to be relived again and again. Opening night of the Hadestown tour at The Fabulous Fox was not just fabulous, it was amazing.

hadestown tour playbill

5 Hadestown Tour Favorites At The Fabulous Fox

If you don’t already know the mythic tales of King Hades and his wife Persephone or that of young dreamers Orpheus and Eurydice, then you can always do a little bit of research or even brush up on the stories of greek myth before attending the National tour of Hadestown. In the show’s Playbill you will also find a brief synopsis of who’s who in this particular greek lore.

Hadestown is a love story unlike any other. You’ll go on an epic journey from the living to the underworld and back again only to realize that the myth of Orpheus, much like history, has the tendency to repeat itself.

hadestown tour red carnation flower

My funny date!

This was a first time for us to experience the Hadestown musical and we both went in totally unaware of what would take place. We knew nothing of the music or characters. Sure we both knew a tad about Orpheus looking back when he wasn’t supposed to and Hades’ everlasting love for Persephone, but it has honestly been some time since high school when we learned about the greeks. This new show to us is one that I most definitely want to see again and again. The music? Amazing. The acting? Amazing. The set? Amazing. All of it? Amazing.

As greek mythology love stories go, this one is filled with tragedy. You are left wondering if it’s even truly a love story at all. Orpheus was so self absorbed with his own music. Which did he love more?

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Did Hadestown win any Tony Awards?

Not surprisingly the answer is a big YES. The acclaimed new musical of Hadestown won EIGHT Tony Awards back in 2019.

Best Musical

Best Original Score (Hadestown, music and lyrics by celebrated singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell)

Best Direction of a Musical

Best Featured Actor in a Musical

Best Scenic Design of a Musical

Best Lighting Design of a Musical

Best Sound Design in a Musical

Best Orchestrations

Hadestown Tour Cast

Nathan Lee Graham (Hermes)

Chibueze Ihuoma (Orpheus)

Maria-Christina Oliveras (Persephone)

Matthew Patrick Quinn (Hades)

Hannah Whitley (Eurydice)

Dominique Kempf (Fate)

Belén Moyano (Fate)

Nyla Watson (Fate, u/s Persephone)

Shea Renne (u/s Persephone) – She was amazing in last night’s performance!

Jordan Bollwerk (Worker, u/s Orpheus)

Tyla Collier (Swing, u/s Fate)

Ian Coulter-Buford (Swing, Dance/Fight Captain, u/s Hermes)

Lindsey Hailes (Worker, u/s Persephone, u/s Fate)

Courtney Lauster (Worker, u/s Eurydice, u/s Fate)

Alex Lugo (Swing, Assistant Dance Captain, u/s Eurydice, u/s Fate)

Eddie Noel Rodríguez (Worker, u/s Hades, u/s Hermes)

J. Antonio Rodriguez (Swing, u/s Orpheus)

Cecilia Trippiedi (Swing, u/s Fate)

Jamari Johnson Williams (Worker, u/s Hades)

What musical numbers are in North American tour of Hadestown?

You’ll find so many different vocal arrangements in the Hadestown tour. A whole lot of jazz and foot tapping soul!

Road to Hell

Any Way the Wind Blows

Come Home With Me

Wedding Song

Epic I

Livin’ It Up On Top

All I’ve Ever Known

Way Down Hadestown

A Gathering Storm

Epic II


Hey, Little Songbird

When the Chips Are Down

Gone, I’m Gone

Wait For Me

Why We Build the Wall

Our Lady of the Underground



Nothing Changes

If It’s True

How Long?

Epic III


Word to the Wise

His Kiss, The Riot

Doubt Come In

Get the best musical theater album Hadestown HERE.

And now for my 5 favorites…

Favorite Song

I’m a big fan of jazz and ballads in musicals. Hadestown combines both of my loves into one! The song Wait For Me is beautiful and it easily takes my favorite place for this musical.

Favorite Moment

My favorite moment is at the very end when the cast toasts each other and the audience. Not because they are saying thank you for our , but because their voices are in the raw. They are singing acapella without microphones and you can just hear their talented sound. It gave me chills, it was that good.

Favorite Cast Member

Such a vibrant ensemble of actors can be found all throughout this hell-raising journey. The role of Orpheus is played by Chibueze Ihuoma and is he ever talented. A recent graduate of NYU, he plays guitar for the show and gets my favorite character vote. He’s young and I foresee him having a very long career on Broadway.

Chibueze Ihuoma Hadestown tour

Image source: Hadestown North American Tour, photo by Kevin Berne

Favorite Set Piece

I love how the entire set feels like an old jazz club. My favorite part is the orchestra right there on stage. Watch out for trombonist Emily Fredrickson. She can project that trombone like I’ve never heard before. And I’m the wife and mother of trombone players.

Favorite Snack

For last night’s performance I went with the colorful M&Ms from concessions. The perfect amount of chocolate to enjoy.

fox theatre m&ms candy

See Hadestown on Tour in St. Louis

Hadestown is NOW PLAYING – October 11th to October 23rd

View the upcoming performances, available seating options and ticket prices HERE.

fox theatre chandelier

Get tickets from the Fox Theatre box office or online HERE.

What’s up next at the Fabulous Fox?

Frozen – November 2nd to November 13th

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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