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KidKraft Train Table Review

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When my kids discovered the KidKraft train table it was like Christmas morning around here.  Only it wasn’t really.  It was May.  So I guess that just proves that Christmas morning can be anytime.  In this case it was Christmas in May.


Since that morning the magic of the new train table has not died down.  It has just continued.  For once my children have not grown tired of a toy!  It provides them with the opportunity to play together.  Not just minutes of play but hours of play.

The KidKraft train table was sent to us by my friends over at KidKraft for us to review, enjoy, and then tell you what we think about it.  Why would we, The Smiths, be experts in this field?  Well here’s something that you don’t know about us.  We know our trains around here.  Banjo was obsessed with them from about the time he could stand.  For several years he even thought that he was a train.  Picture him yelling out “Choo-Choo” as he ran from Home to First in preschool t-ball.  The only kid on the entire team to do that.  (Believe me when I say that it attracted some jealous stares from the other parents because clearly our kid was much more imaginative than their kid.)  Even living on a houseboat for a week at Lake Powell… he thought he was a train.  Just chugging up and down the thoroughfare of the boat in his life jacket.  The family thought it was hysterical.  So we really do know our trains around here.

Now I’m just going to jump right in and give you all the reasons why we love this particular train table and why we think it’s dandy.


Dandy Reason #1:  Kids of all ages can enjoy this KidKraft train table.  They can interact and play together or play solo.  When our baby Cache came along we were excited to have another train lover in the house!  We just knew that he would inherit the imagination of his siblings.  He got to beat the older kids to the punch on trying this thing out.  Couldn’t overwhelm him with all of the train love.  This video is a long one but it shows you all his squeals of delight.  He’s a fan.

Dandy Reason #2:  This KidKraft train table is the Cadillac of train tables.  Is it okay to use a car analogy when talking trains?  Well it is so okay when you are talking about the Metropolis Train Set and Table.  Remember we know our trains around here.  Here’s the thing.  This particular KidKraft train table is not just trains.  It combines planes, boats, trains, and automobiles into one really fantastic set.  All things that kids love.  See?  I can totally use the Cadillac reference.


Dandy Reason #3:  The KidKraft train table and entire set is durable.  The table has a colorful and fun top that is designed for different vehicles of transportation.  There are roads, water, grass, mountain tunnels, and all types of terrain.  It only adds to the already impressive imagination of the children who play with it!


Dandy Reason #4:  The drawer underneath the KidKraft train table.  It slides back and forth with the greatest of ease so the kids can put what’s not being played with away.  Plus there’s loads of extra room for the other toys that always seem to need a home.  Does anyone else have this problem with homeless toys?


Dandy Reason #5:  The KidKraft train table is decor friendly.  The espresso wood finish is perfect for matching any decor.  Plus I really envision this table growing with the family.  In the coming years it will become a table used for more than just trains.  A building blocks table, an art table, a display for prized toy possessions… The list goes on and on.  This table will be around for all of those adventures.   And what a dandy adventure it will be!


Bottom line?  We think this KidKraft train table is extra dandy.  It is definitely Smith approved.

Of all the tables found at KidKraft which KidKraft train table is YOUR favorite?


* I was given the KidKraft train table to keep for the purpose of writing this review.  All of my opinions though are strictly my own.


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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