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Best Mom Blog Conference for Influencers and Bloggers

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My favorite mom blogger conference is Mom 2.0 Summit! It’s a gathering of influencers from all over the social media marketing world and is always held in a destination city. If you want to gain knowledge and meet new people, then Mom 2.0 is the mom blog conference for you! This online community is one that will both build you up and help you to achieve your goals.  

mom blog conference mom 2.0 scottsdale

Best Mom Blog Conference for Influencers and Bloggers

I’ve been a “mommy blogger” since 2008. At first it was how I stayed connected to friends from college. There was no Facebook for us to be part of. Back in those days you had to be a college student to have an account. We all had a Blogspot that we maintained to post pictures of our families and write about what we were up to. (Basically a Facebook or an Instagram, but in blog form.) Each of our blogs had a blogroll in the sidebar that would alert when someone had a new post up. We had link up parties, were sent free tutus for our kids (even if we only had boys) to then post about and link to the Etsy shop for where to buy… the times, they were good ones. And we put to use some of our limited coding skills to place templates on our blogs and add clickable graphics. That freshman year computer class in college taught us enough in html to get by and what we didn’t know, we would ask Jeeves.

From there we began to realize that our voice was powerful and we could even earn an income with our writing. All sorts of blog businesses starting popping up. DIY blogs (that were all about craft projects), food blogs (where all the best recipes could be found), giveaway blogs (that would advertise to then giveaway the items to readers), hairstyle blogs (for doing kid’s hair), book blogs (all the ideas for book clubs), and the ever popular lifestyle blog that had a hodgepodge of everything.

We are the dinosaurs of the blogging community (before the social media influencers were a thing) and affectionately referred to as the OG. Over the years the online space has changed considerably but one thing has maintained the same, we like to blog and so we keep at it. We still attend mom blog conferences to keep learning and stay up on the latest trends. It’s just what we do and enjoy it.

Mom Bloggers of Today

Social media conferences are highly sought out these days and for good reason. Digital entrepreneurship has transformed the way that people can earn a living while working from home. Most importantly, it gives stay at home moms the opportunity to be their own boss. While there are several blogger and influencer conferences around the country to choose from, Mom 2.0 is by far my favorite. Having been around since 2008, it’s a mom blog conference that has grown right along with the blogging/influencer industry. And I dare say has made the industry what it is today!

Mom Blog Conference Locations I’ve Attended 

Last year’s conference for Mom 2.0 was in Scottsdale and I actually presented a session about earning money on the Pinterest platform. This year’s just finished up in Nashville. I’ve also attended the mom blog conference in Los Angeles and Austin. Plus those two years of attending the conference online when no one was leaving their houses!

mom blog conference mom 2.0 nashville

Next year’s conference is in sunny and magical Orlando. It’s the perfect place to take a family vacation so I think many mom bloggers might be planning around that idea. *wink* Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit… then stay afterwards for Disney World or Universal Studios!

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What To Expect at Mom 2.0

This mom blog conference is well known across the social media community since it has been around for so long!

You’ll experience the following (and more) at Mom 2.0:

Learn from amazing women. A great thing about Mom 2.0 is fellow bloggers teach many of the classes and workshops. From panel forums to breakout sessions to roundtable discussions, Mom 2.0 is filled to the brim with various class styles to fit your style of learning. 

Monetizing techniques. You’ll learn ways to monetize like by using affiliate links, writing sponsored blog posts (or social media posts), and running an ad network on your site.

Make new friends. At Mom 2.0 you’ll make invaluable connections with fellow content creators who will become some of your best friends. 

Connect with brands. The marketplace at Mom 2.0 provides a great way to make amazing connections with brands and pursue sponsorship opportunities.

And so much more. Like fun parties!

mom blog conference mom 2.0 austin

Tabatha, of Oakmont Candle Works, and I have been friends for many, many years at this point.

We are even roommates at the conference each year!

Meet My Mom 2.0 Blogging Friends

I met so many new friends last year in Scottsdale. And saw many of them again this year in Nashville!

mom bloggers

Get to know a few of my blogging friends from Mom 2.0 over the years:

Among The Young

Still A Part Of Us

Jules Unboxed

Best Hire Ever

Pulling Curls

Bonnie Wiscombe

Paging Supermom

Ashlee Marie

The Positive Mom

Go Love Be

Cook With 5 Kids

Oakmont Candle Works

the positive mom, seeing dandy, and oakmont candle works
go love be seeing dandy mom blog conference

So much fun!

Ready to attend Mom 2.0 for yourself?

Mom 2.0 Orlando

Next year’s Mom 2.0 Summit will be at the J.W. Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando from April 3-5, 2025. Stay tuned…


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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