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Shark Rocket Powerhead Review

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If you are looking for a last minute gift for that person who has everything then this Shark Rocket Powerhead review is just for you!

I have had two careers in my life.  The career that I had prior to becoming an audiologist was a janitor.  I started my path in the custodial arts when I was a young boy of approximately nine or ten.  I would clean my parents business once a week for 50 bucks a month.  I know I was severely underpaid but they did feed me, put clothes on my back and let me live in a house.  I did this for many years, vacuuming, cleaning toilets, emptying the trash.  I then branched out at the end of high school and in college to work at a friend janitorial company where I still vacuumed, cleaned toilets, emptied the trash and also refinished floors as well.  During that time I also learned what makes a good vacuum and a bad vacuum.  So I was anxious when I got my hands on the new Shark Rocket Powerhead.

shark vacuum


shark rocket

I was a brought back to those many childhood memories as I opened the vacuum box like a kid a Christmas and I then put all the pieces out that needed assembling.  As I eyed some of the pieces I was impressed with the thought that had gone into what most people would think was a simple vacuum.  I assembled the handle and picked up the vacuum and noted how this vacuum hardly weighed anything.  This would have been great when I was younger when I was pushing around those old heavy vacuums.  I also noticed that the handle could easily be placed at different heights.  This also would have been a great thing when I was a child.  A joyful thought popped in my head that my son will soon have a new chore as the vacuum is easy to handle and that the height can be adjusted for him to use it.  (I can hear the sweet sound of a 7 year old boy complaining about chores already).   I noticed that there are two types of brushes one for wood/laminate floors and another for carpet.  I looked at the instructions and found that these these are easily changed depending on what you are cleaning.





Now what to do with the other brush?  Isn’t it always a pain when a vacuum has accessories or other parts and you have to store them somewhere?  Well in the box there was a strange blue plastic tube.  I wasn’t sure what it was for then I learned that it was the holster.  Now as a man anything that has a holster is just ten times cooler, so a vacuum with a holster well, that is one cool vacuum.  The holster holds the brush on the vacuum that you are not using so it goes where the vacuum goes.  It snaps on the neck of the vacuum and even has a velcro strap to secure it to the vacuum just like I would strap on a holster if I lived in the old west.


Okay now I was ready to go.  I adjusted the suction control on the vacuum for more suction for the carpet (yes it can do that as well) and I was off and running.  In my mind I was a cleaning cowboy with a spare brush in the holster; cleaning up my basement carpet from all the dirt and crumb that my kids had left down there.  Soon enough I had a taken care of the basement carpet.  On to the hard wood/tile on the main floor.  I switched out the brush in less than a minute and put the other brush, that’s right, in the holster.  The brush worked well on the hardwood and once again soon enough I had a dust and dirt free floor.  Now I just had to get rid of the dirt out of the vacuum.  With one push of a button with my foot I released the chamber that was holding the dirt.  It popped up out of the vacuum and was easy to grab.  Over to the trash can I went and with a simple push of a button I opened the door and all the dirt, crumbs and dust dropped to the trash.  Simple as that.  Overall I would say that vacuum was simple to use and worked very well, it is light and I find that I will use it and teach my children to use it so that they too can follow in their father’s footsteps.

Hope you found this Shark Rocket Powerhead Review to be dandy and helpful!

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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