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5 Temptations Broadway Musical Favorites At The Fabulous Fox

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The unforgettable story of a quintet brotherhood that rose from the streets of Detroit, persevered throughout a decade of civil unrest and political conflicts, their group’s own personal conflicts and with a foundation that still continues to perform today has arrived at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis with Ain’t Too Proud, The Life and Times of The Temptations. It’s always a treat when New York City brings its magic to St. Louis, but even more so when it’s a musical performance with pulls at your emotions The Temptations Broadway musical is no exception. It’s a jukebox musical that you do not want to miss!

aint too proud st louis fox theatre playbill

5 Temptations Broadway Musical Favorites At The Fabulous Fox

We are so very fortunate to have such a fabulous place right here in our own river city. Because it is fabulously beautiful and features fabulously amazing shows on the stage of its vast theatre. This year is the 40th season for the The Fox Theatre here in St. Louis. And if opening night’s performance of the Temptations Broadway musical was any indication… It’s going to be a fabulous season!

Opening Night of Ain’t Too Proud – The Life and Times of The Temptations

Going in I didn’t know much at all about the lives of these musical sensations. Sure I knew the music. I knew the era. And I did have a bit of an inkling that it would be similar to Jersey Boys, but I was wrong to go in with that impression. Because it’s the story of The Temptations. It‘s their story and their music. The rise of the “Classic Five” with founder Otis Williams always at the ready as well as the original members Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin. So while you might come away being reminded of Jersey Boys or the Carole King musical, it’s probably due to how legends are made. Many of the stories will be very much the same. Personal lives will largely be impacted all in pursuit of building a tie with others.

For anyone to be able to rise to fame in such a way, other parts of their lives will often suffer. There will often be tragedy, pain and sadness, but as Otis Williams reflected, “Nothing lives forever except the music.” Ain’t Too Proud is a not just a glimpse into the Temptations’ extraordinary journey to Grammy Award wins or groundbreaking heights that went to the top of the charts, it’s a heart tugging deep dive into the internal struggles so many experience with fame.

The thrilling story of brotherhood first made its Broadway debut back in 2019 at the Imperial Theatre in New York City and it has been wowing audiences ever since. Despite the fact that the actual Broadway run ended earlier this year, the show has gone on with national tours. All while sitting in your seat you’ll indeed find yourself swaying to the ballads and tapping your toes to the Motown music. The Temptations Broadway musical is indeed the best musical that I’ve seen to feature this era of time.

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What musical numbers are in Ain’t Too Proud?

This Tony Award-winning musical has brought back so many silky-smooth harmonies of the “Classic Five” alive to the stage, but also includes other favorites from various 1960’s era artists. Ain’t Too Proud launches the audience immediately into musical stylings of the greatest R&B group of all time and you will come away with a new appreciation for the words of each song. There’s history in the music. You will hear all of the following songs in the musical theater production of Ain’t Too Proud:

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

Baby Love

Ball of Confusion

Cloud Nine

Come See About Me

Don’t Look Back

For Once in My Life

Get Ready


I Can’t Get Next to You

I Could Never Love Another

I’m Losing You

I Want a Love I Can See

I Wish It Would Rain

If I Could Build My Whole World Around You

If You Don’t Know Me by Now

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

In the Still of the Night

Just My Imagination

My Girl

Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

Runaway Child, Running Wild


Since I Lost My Baby



The Way You Do the Things You Do


What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

You Can’t Hurry Love

You’re My Everything

Side note: I didn’t realize before that My Girl sung by The Temptations was written by Smokey Robinson. Talk about talent. He wrote thousands of songs in his lifetime and had dozens of top 40 hits.

Witness the performance of those songs at the Fabulous Fox!

Tony Award-Winning Choreography!

Did The Temptations Broadway Musical receive a Tony Award Nomination and if so how many? How many Tony awards did it win?

Ain’t Too Proud – The Life and Times of The Temptations first opening on Broadway and was nominated for TWELVE Tony Awards in 2019. With its signature dance moves it’s no surprise that it won for Tony Award for Best Choreography.

5 Favorites

Over the summer I featured five favorites of each show at The Muny in Forest Park. Favorite song, favorite character, favorite set piece, favorite moment, and favorite snack. It went over so well that I decided it needed to be done for the season at the Fabulous Fox!

And so I give you my 5 Temptations Broadway Musical favorites…

Favorite Song

My song of choice is actually going to go to one that was not done by The Temptations themselves. While the older brother of David Ruffin, Jimmy Ruffin, sang and made “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” famous, I loved this song being included. So many hearts were broken in this story along the way to fame and fortune. The words of the song will forever take on new meaning for me now.

Favorite Character

It was so hard to pick a favorite. Marcus Paul James indeed stuns the audience with his depiction of Otis Williams. He appeared to display real emotion while in character. In fact I really do think that those were his very own tears. Gave me chills. You can truly feel what he is feeling.

Favorite Set Piece

The scenic design was simple and absolute perfection as to not detract from the talent on stage. But the lighting design, was ever beyond fabulous. I loved how it felt like we were looking in on a sound stage or watching a performance in the days of Motown.

nbc studios the temptations broadway musical

Image source: Ain’t Too Proud

Favorite Moment

“Don’t nothing rewind but a song” was a statement that has quite the telling meaning. It was first said by Otis’ son Lamont as his way to let his dad know that the past was the past. They couldn’t go back in time to change it. Otis repeats the words as he remembers how fame altered his course in life, but also the loss he endured because of it.

Favorite Snack

The Fabulous Fox has so really tasty looking treats to choose from in the lobby at concessions. For this performance I went with some delicious Clementine’s ice cream. In Gooey Butter Cake flavor of course. A true St. Louis original through and through.

clementines gooey butter cake ice cream

See The Temptations Broadway Musical

Get your tickets HERE.

If you have the opportunity to attend the Ain’t Too Proud tour then I highly recommend. In the Lou? Experience The Temptations’ extraordinary journey for yourself at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis. It’s in town

Get your tickets HERE.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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