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The Hill: Top Baseball Movie for Family Night at the Movies

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There’s a great baseball movie set to hit the theaters and it’s one that the whole family can enjoy. The Hill is undoubtably going to make the list of the best baseball movies. It’s heart warming, inspirational and the top baseball movie for family night at the movies!   

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The Hill: Top Baseball Movie for Family Night at the Movies

It has been a while since there has been a family friendly film at the theaters that and can be enjoyed by everyone. The Hill has delivered such a movie. My family and I were able to watch this new baseball movie before it’s released to theaters. We were actually able to watch it together in our living room and it’s such a good film.  

The fascination with baseball is one that often starts in childhood. Baseball fans have long thought of the sport as the perfect game and for good reason. It is after all, America’s pastime.

Why is baseball called America’s pastime?

For over 150 years baseball has been a well loved sport in the United States. The rules are quite simple and equipment is relatively easy to acquire. All that’s really needed is a glove, ball and bat. Baseball stars often join the ranks from a journey, all part of the American dream. 

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The Hill Movie

This is about the life of Rickey Hill, born with physical challenges and wore braces on his legs for much of his childhood, but often felt the game of baseball calling to him. He loved the game and desired to become a professional baseball player despite the fact that everyone around him said he was limited. As a young boy he moved around a lot with his impoverished family as his father pursued his dream (and calling) to be a pastor. Rickey’s own dream was not only to follow in his father’s footsteps of the church but to do both, play baseball and have a relationship with faith.

the hill movie quote baseball movie for family night

Often as the new kid in a small town he was teased and told that he couldn’t play ball, but that didn’t keep him away from the baseball diamond. He knew that he had to keep going to become a major league player, in following the other greats like Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle and so many others. 

Miraculously his condition improved slightly, allowing him to join a little league team, then he later on as a young man got a spot on his high school baseball team and kept going to make it to the big leagues. His baseball coach, family and friends all believed in him, but mostly he believed in himself. There were still challenges along the way with injuries and set back, but ultimately against insurmountable odds, he kept pushing forward to the major leagues. While his career was short lived, he became one of the greatest players who was known for his ability to hit 11 in 11.

Fun Movie with a Great Story

Sure to become a classic baseball movie, The Hill has a great way of connecting with the audience. It’s a good movie that goes beyond the baseball field Watch it for your next family movie night at the movies! It’s definitely a movie that you’ll want to see on the big screen and it hits a home run. 

some dreams are unbreakable quote

What are the important life lessons taught in The Hill movie?

This movie isn’t just a good story with a positive message, it also has so many life lessons for the entire family. Here are just a few: 



Redemption and forgiveness


the hill baseball movie for family night

Disclaimer: When it comes to young audiences, note that there are a couple swear words and smoking of cigarettes is portrayed with the time period. 

Sure to become one of the greatest baseball movies!

This is such a great movie and I’m excited to see it again… on the big screen!


Dennis Quaid as James Hill

Colin Ford as Rickey Hill

Joelle Carter as Hellen Hill, Rickey’s mother

Randy Houser as Ray Clemons, a man from Rickey’s childhood who encourages him to try out for the MLB 

Jesse Berry as young Rickey Hill

Bonnie Bedelia 

Scott Glenn as Red Murff, the MLB scout who discovers Rickey

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Mom Tip for this Baseball Movie for Family Night at the Movies

Get in on the love of the game when you attend this Dress in your favorite team jerseys or colors.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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