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10 Millennial Mom Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

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The day for mom’s will be here before you know it! Looking for the best millennial mom gift ideas? Read on to see the top 10 gifts that are perfect for Mother’s Day!

10 best millennial mom gift ideas for Mothers Day

10 Millennial Mom Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

While I’m not technically a millennial mom, I do have young children. That means that many of my friends just happen to be millennials. It comes with the territory of being an “older mom”. I was almost 30 when our first child was born. Now at almost 42, I still have a child in kindergarten. So I’m constantly around younger moms and that’s okay. It keeps me young! I feel like an older mom in a millennial world.


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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban rose gold aviator sunglasses


You can never go wrong with a stylish pair of sunglasses. Aviators, especially with this rose tint, are perfect for the millennial mom. A classic style that never grows old. You can get this pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses HERE.





At Home Spa Day

at home spa day gelmoment millennial mom gift ideas

Spa days only last so long. But DIY at home spa days are multiple days in one! Get everything you need for creating a personalized spa day HERE.





Designer Inspired Sandals

Birkenstock designer inspired sandals
These designer inspired sandals are both comfortable and fun. Plus, they are a really good deal! Check them out HERE.





Straw Handbag

Rose gold straw handbag LC Lauren Conrad Kohls


Straw handbags are fashionable and super in style right now. It’s a great look for spring and summer. This half-moon shape features rose gold hardware and a matching tassel. Perfect for coordinating with those rose color aviators. *wink*  You can get this pretty straw handbag HERE.





Dolce Fragrance

Dolce and Gabbana Dolce fragrance perfume millennial mom gift ideas


All moms like to smell good. This it fragrance is definitely a must have. It smells amazing and is a favorite among millennial moms. You can get this Dolce fragrance HERE.





Artificial Floral Bush

artificial floral bush Kohls

Such a cute way to decorate! It’s simple and perfect for spring decor. This artificial floral bush is available HERE.




White Timex Watch

Timex white watch band


Time after time and the 8o’s are back! This white watch has a bit of an 80’s flair with just the right amount of color. We all know that millennial moms are all about the 80’s style. This white Timex watch is available HERE.





Farmhouse Style Kitchen Stool

farmhouse style distressed yellow kitchen stoolSuch a unique seating option! The yellow color is so fun. Get this farmhouse style kitchen stool HERE.






Nude Sandals

gorgeous nude sandals


These sandals can totally be dressed up or down. Perfect for the millennial mom in this gorgeous nude color. Get this pair of nude sandals HERE.





Fitbit Smart Watch

Fitbit versa smart watch millennial mom gift ideas

Rose gold style! The perfect way for to track fitness and steps. This Fitbit smart watch is available HERE.


I hope you found these millennial mom gift ideas helpful! Happy Mother’s Day!


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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