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11 Must Have Disney Cars 3 Diecast Vehicles

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Cars 3 opened everywhere over the weekend and it was a smash hit! You may remember that my family and I saw it last week for the prescreening. (The entire family loved it at you can read more about my prescreening thoughts HERE.) Since the very first Cars movie we’ve had lots of the diecast cars around here. Our oldest really liked collecting them and now it has been neat to go through it all over again with our littlest guy. What is it with boys and diecast vehicles? The cars are just so detailed and fun. Particularly the all new Cars 3 diecast vehicles because we don’t have any from the latest installment yet! But there are really just so many to choose from. Basically every character has been created in diecast.


11 Must Have Disney Cars 3 Diecast Vehicles

Not surprisingly these cars are going fast. I remember this being the case with the original Cars movie and Cars 2. All of the diecast vehicles were being bought up right and left. Many of the vehicles are actually on wait list or only have a few left at the moment. Don’t miss out on these treasures. Get ’em before they are gone!


Lightning McQueen



Cruz Ramirez




Jackson Storm




Chester Wipplefilter









Miss Fritter








Dinoco Cruz Ramirez



Reb Meeker



Tommy Highbanks



Chip Gearings




You can just get an entire set of some great Cars 3 diecast vehicles HERE: 

Disney Pixar Cars 3 – Desert Race Diecast Vehicle 11 Car Gift Pack




Which are your favorite vehicles from Cars 3?


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