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13 Nights Of Halloween: Real “Ghoul” Family Movies!

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Oh, it’s finally that time of year. The temperatures are starting to cool off. I guess. Kind of. Okay it was 95 outside here today in St. Louis so not very welcoming of the first day of fall. But the leave are starting to change color and fall to the ground. So that’s definitely an indicator of the time of year it now is. It’s fall y’all! With fall comes so many seasonal activities. Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and fall festivals to name a few. There’s even fun entertainment for the entire family with Freeform’s 13 Nights of Halloween. The 2017 list was recently released and it’s full of some real “ghoul” family movies!


13 Nights of Halloween: Real “Ghoul” Family Movies!

Thursday, October 19

Friday, October 20

Saturday, October 21

Sunday, October 22

Monday, October 23

Tuesday, October 24

Wednesday, October 25

Thursday, October 26

Friday, October 27

Saturday, October 28

Sunday, October 29

Monday, October 30

Tuesday, October 31

I hope you enjoy this list of the 13 Nights of Halloween: Real “Ghoul” Family Movies!

You can print out the above list HERE

My favorite? This one.Image Source: Disney


Which is your favorite flick from the 13 Nights of Halloween?

Happy haunting and watching all of the above real “ghoul” family movies!

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