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14 Easy DIY Gift Tag Ideas For The Holidays

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Updated for December 2021 – When it comes to wrapping holiday presents, the tag on top should be part of the overall look! Gift tags can truly add an even more festive look to a freshly wrapped package. Plus, there are just so many different DIY gift tag ideas that are perfect for placing on your holiday gifts. 

diy gift tag ideas

Easy DIY Gift Tag Ideas For The Holidays

I love me a cute gift tag. Who doesn’t? A festive gift tag can just really adds to the present and makes a statement. Don’t you think?

I’m also a huge fan of wrapping paper. The darling kind that has unique prints. It also has to be good wrapping paper. I’m talking high quality that makes the perfect folded lines. The kind that kid’s sell for school fundraisers is THE BEST.

One thing I cannot stand is wrapping paper that gets all crinkly looking with white spots and lines where the color has come off. That just looks atrocious! I guess if that does happen to your paper then you can easily cover the spot with a gift tag…

Perhaps one of these DIY gift tag ideas? *wink*


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Easy To Make Holiday Gift Tags

It’s actually easier than you think to create your own gift tags. Also adds a unique look to any package. Many tags can be altered to fit other holidays as well, so not just for Christmas gifts! Keep that in mind as you explore the gift tag ideas here on Seeing Dandy! 


14 Gift Tag Ideas For The Holidays

There are 14 unique make your own gift tags to choose from and I think they are all very dandy! I hope that you find one below that is perfect for topping off your holiday presents.


Watercolor Gift Tags on The Unoriginal Mom

Homemade Cutout Gift Tags on Practically Functional

Coffee Cup Gift Tags on Simply Kelly

DIY Gift Tags on Designer Trapped

Nail Themed Gift Tags on Persia Lou

Southwestern Christmas Gift Tags on Seeing Dandy

Printable Chalkboard Gift Tags on Live Laugh Rowe

Wreath Gift Tags by Duct Tape and Denim

Santa Gift Tags by Create and Babble

Vintage Gift Tags by Satori Designs for Living

Marble and Gold Gift Tags by Chic California

Fun Gift Tags by Artsy Fartsy Mama

No Peeking Gift Tags by Capturing Joy

do not open until december 25th gift tag


More than just holiday gift tag ideas

I sure hope you enjoyed these gift tag ideas for the holidays! Be sure to also check out some Christmas dessert recipes and DIY Christmas decorations on the blog.

Also check out all the dandy holiday wrapping paper and other holiday decorating ideas below.

Happy Holidays!


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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