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15+ Garden Gnomes Perfect For Your Backyard Oasis

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I have a sister-in-law who loves garden gnomes. Such cute and magical creatures. The following little garden friends are perfect for creating a fun backyard oasis!

best garden gnomes

15+ Garden Gnomes Perfect For Your Backyard Oasis


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Backyard Oasis Ideas



Classic Garden Gnome

Classic garden gnome

This 10 inch classic gnome is a perfect addition to any garden.

He’s available HERE.





Solar Powered Gnome With Jar of Lights

garden gnome solar lantern lightning bugs
This solar powered garden gnome features a jar of lights. Perfect for lighting a walkway!

He’s available HERE.





Wheelbarrow Gnome Bird Feeder

wheelbarrow garden gnome bird feeder

A true classic! This wheel barrow gnome bird feeder is a true classic!

Available HERE.





Garden Gnome Holding Blue Bird

blue bird garden gnome
This friendly little gnome is holding a darling little blue bird.

He’s available HERE.





Zen Garden Gnome Statue

zen garden gnomes
This 8 inch garden gnome with hiding blue bird brings a lot of zen to your backyard oasis!

He’s available HERE.





Garden Gnome Village

garden gnome village
A darling fairy garden! This garden gnome village is the perfect little fairy garden.

Available HERE.





Green Moss Covered Gnome With Shovel

green moss garden gnomes
This unique moss covered gnome makes a great companion during your garden work!

He’s available HERE.





Solar Powered Gnome Sleeping In A Chair

solar powered sleeping garden gnome rocking chairIf the garden is a place for relaxing, this little LED gnome will make himself at home, and shed a little light at night!

He’s available HERE.





Gnome Fisherman

gnome fisherman
This little gnome fisherman would look perfect by a koi pond.

He’s available HERE.





Girl Garden Gnome

girl garden gnome with red hat and apron
Every garden needs a girl gnome!

She’s available HERE.





Garden Gnome Holding Mushroom

mushroom garden gnome
This cute and classic gnome is holding a mushroom and is perfect for adding to any flower bed or garden!

He’s available HERE.





Rocker Gnome

rocker gnome
Add this cute rocker gnome to your garden and listen to your guests go wild when they see him!

He’s available HERE.





Solar Powered Leap Frog Jumping Gnome

solar power garden gnome path light

This solar powered gnome is ready to play leap frog in your garden and will bring an adorable touch anyone will appreciate.

He’s available HERE.





Solar Powered Welcome Garden Gnome

Welcome sign garden light
This welcome garden gnome is adorned with a butterfly and light up snail.

He’s available HERE.





Floral Garden Gnome

floral garden gnome
This floral gnome is perfect for the flower garden!

Get this flower garden gnome HERE.





Gnome Fairy Garden

Garden gnomes fairy garden

Such a darling gnome fairy garden with solar lights.


It’s available HERE.




Gnome Couple

Garden gnomes couple grow old with me the best is yet to be
Such a cute little gnome couple!

They are available HERE.



So many great backyard ideas in these fun garden gnomes!


Have fun decorating your garden!



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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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