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15 Winter Scarf Styles To Help Keep You Warm

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It’s that time of year for being cold outside here in St. Louis! Here are just a few winter scarf styles that you need to help warm. Did I mention that they are stylish???

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15 Winter Scarf Styles To Help Keep You Warm

Winter weather in St. Louis is sort of unpredictable. It will get really cold here, but without precipitation so just cold for no reason. I feel like if it’s going to be cold then there should at least be some snow! At least have a pretty scene outside, am I right? But nope. Texas got more snow last weekend than we have. It has been below 30 degrees for days here and none of the pretty white stuff… until today. And then it was just some flurries!

Snow or not winter still means we gotta stay warm! There are so many great scarf styles to choose from. Check out a few of my favorites!



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Favorite Types of Winter Scarf Styles


 Buffalo Check Scarf

winter scarf styles, red black buffalo check scarf, winter style, women fashion
This buffalo check scarf in black and red is a must have for the winter. Simple and stylish! Get the buffalo check scarf HERE.





Cashmere Scarf

cashmere scarf, pink green plaid scarf, winter style
A cashmere scarf is both soft and classy. Get this 100% cashmere scarf HERE.





Shawl Scarf

shawl scarf, plaid block scarf, winter scarf
This style of shawl scarf is perfect for winter. Just the right combination of yarn and cotton to keep you warm. Get the plaid shawl scarf HERE.





Blanket Scarf

plaid blanket scarf, winter scarf styles, amazon fashion, tartan blanket scarf
A blanket scarf will keep you extra warm! Get this stylish blanket scarf available in 14 different patterns/color combinations HERE





Knit Scarf

long chunky knit scarf, gray scarf, unisex scarf
A cable knit scarf is extra warm and always in style. Get this chunky knit scarf HERE.





Fleece Scarf

red fleece scarf, warm winter scarf, unisex scarf

Fleece is both warm and durable. Get this red fleece scarf HERE.





Pashmina Scarf

navy pashmina, winter fashion, layer fashion, winter style
I first fell in love with a good pashmina in London. Can be worn as a wrap, shawl or oversized scarf. Have a look at all the gorgeous pashmina scarf colors HERE.





Boys Scarf

boys blue black stripe scarf set, boys winter beanie, boys blue gloves
For the boys you can’t go wrong with something in a stripe and a set is a definite must! Keep him warm with a matching hat and gloves to go with the striped scarf. Get this boys scarf set HERE.





Girls Scarf

girls scarf, ladybug scarf, red black scarf, kids style, kidorable scarf

Such a cute scarf in ladybug style! Get this adorable girls scarf HERE.





Baby & Toddler Scarf

baby toddler scarf winter hat set, knitted fleece, winter scarf styles
Get this baby and toddler scarf set available in 7 different color combinations HERE.





Mens Scarf

mens gray cashmere scarf, men gift idea, men winter fashion

Here’s a mens scarf in cashmere that’s both soft and warm! Great gift idea, too. Get the cashmere mens scarf HERE.





Silk Scarf

blue floral silk scarf, painted scarf, spring scarf
Some may question how a silk scarf can keep you warm in winter? The answer is all about style! A silk scarf is perfect for layering OVER a thicker, more warm scarf. Get this blue floral silk scarf HERE.





Crochet Scarf

betsey johnson scalloped crochet scarf, stylish scarves, betsey johnson fashion

Here’s another scarf that puts style first! Pair this crochet scarf with another to achieve that stylish layered look. Get the unique crochet scarf HERE.





Chenille Scarf

black chenille scarf, winter fashion
A chenille scarf to the perfect winter scarf for providing warmth. The ribbed pattern is naturally thick and stylish. Get this chenille scarf in black HERE.





Infinity Scarf

winter scarf styles, c.c knit sherpa pink infinity scarf, womens winter fashion, amazon fashion
This C.C knit and sherpa lined scarf is in infinity style! Get the cozy infinity scarf available in 11 different colors HERE.


So many great styles to choose from and so perfect ideas for gift giving!


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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