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The 2023 Muny Season Is Filled With Premieres For 105th Summer

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There is something for everyone in the 2023 Muny season! It’s going to be filled with loads of premieres for its 105th summer schedule. Quite the lineup is arriving for the first time and as another take on the stage of the country’s oldest and largest outdoor theatre. Literally. It’s the reason it’s being called the Muny Premier season!

muny premier season

The 2023 Muny Season Is Filled With Premieres For 105th Summer 

This morning I was invited to attend the 2023 Muny season announcement and was it ever exciting.

Muny Pagoda Circle Nathan Frank Bandstand

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The Muny in Forest Park

Each summer so many Tony Award-winning musical productions grace the Muny stage. We are so very fortunate to have such an exceptional musical theatre right here in St. Louis. And truly this summer season indeed has something for everyone to enjoy. From the very beginning, the Muny’s mission has always been to bring the arts to the community and to the people of St. Louis. Not just to a select few who can afford a ticket, but to everyone. Everyone should be able to experience world-class musicals, to be given the opportunity to, even just once in a while, step away from the mundane day to day and for a few hours be part of something magical. The 2023 Muny season promises just that.

As always every show has 1,456 free seats that are filled with incredible Muny audiences. An entire family can be given a dose of Muny magic all at the same time and a whole new generation of musical goers is born.

St. Louis Muny’s 105th Season

The upcoming season in Forest Park is going to be filled with Muny magic!

The 2023 Muny season is the premier season because it’s filled with shows that already previously premiered on the Muny’s stage and ones that are brand new premieres to the Muny. So exciting!

Here’s the complete lineup:

June 12th-18th: Beautiful The Carole King Musical

muny beautiful carole king musical

June 22nd-30th: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

disneys beauty and the beast musical

July 5th-11th: Chess

chess musical

July 15th-21st: West Side Story

west side story muny

July 25th-31st: Little Shop of Horrors

little shop of horrors musical

August 4th-10th: Rent

2023 muny season rent musical

August 14th-20th: Sister Act

2023 muny season sister act musical

I cannot wait to join Belle for the 2023 Muny season!

We’ve had an interesting few years when it comes to summer celebration in Forest Park. Last summer was an adventurous season with flooding, but still classic musical productions persevered and filled the park with song. (Mary Poppins, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and The Color Purple were amazing.) That is the remarkable tradition that is the Muny. It has been around for over 104 years. Next season will be just as amazing.

It’s going to be a summer filled with love story moments, powerful musicals of our time, a heavenly musical comedy, favorite fanciful characters and so much more. Be sure to build a great summer of memories with the 2023 Muny season!

And now… just for fun… predictions for 2024? Because why not?!

My predictions. And some of them just might happen to be a few of my favorites…

Mamma Mia – (Keep in mind that the music in the Chess musical was written by members of the pop group ABBA so I think it would extra fitting for 2024. *wink*)

Lion King

Les Misérables

The King and I

Fiddler on the Roof

The Woman in White

Now wouldn’t that be quite the lineup?!

But before I get too ahead of myself… a little bit of housekeeping for the 2023 Muny season.

Season ticket renewals will be coming out soon.

Get your tickets at the Muny box office HERE.

Black Friday Muny gift cards!!! There will be a Black Friday Grab on Muny gift cards. Purchase $200 in gift cards and receive a bonus $15 card to keep or share. TWO lucky gifters will win an additional $200 for themselves!

Happy Munying in 2023!


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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