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22 Easy And Fun Paper Plate Crafts To Make

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My kids absolutely love to make crafts. I love the crafts to be simple with very little mess. Doesn’t every mom want that? And little hands need the craft projects to be easy. That’s just a given. Otherwise we moms are just doing the majority of the work and the kids don’t enjoy that! When it comes to simple crafts with very little mess… Paper plate crafts definitely fit the bill. Super easy to make and they turn out really cute. Plus, I’d be willing to be that we all have materials already lying around the house to create the craft! Paper plates? Check. Construction paper, markers or paint? Check. Check. Check.

Easy to make paper plate crafts. Orange owl, Cogsworth, frog, Beauty and the Beast and more!

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Paper Plate Crafts

Who doesn’t have paper plates at their house? Grab some scissors, glue, markers and make some cute crafts out of paper plates!



1. Paper Plate Easter Bunny

2. Cruz Ramirez Paper Plate Craft

3. Paper Plate Cupcake Liner Fish

4. Paper Plate Frog Craft

5. Paper Plate Fish Craft

6. Paper Plate Ladybug

7. Paper Plate Love Birds

8. Paper Plate LadyBug

9. Paper Plate Rocking Sheep

10. Paper Plate Cogsworth Craft

11. Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft

12. Paper Plate Mayflower Ship

13. Paper Plate Puffer Fish

14. Paper Plate Owl Craft

15. Paper Plate Peacock Craft

16. Paper Plate Lion Craft

17. Paper Plate Insect Sewing Craft

18. Flamingo Paper Plate Craft

19. Paper plate Jellyfish

20. Paper Plate Artic Fox

21. Paper Plate Star Twirler

22. Belle Dress Paper Plate

So many fun ideas that are perfect for home crafting or a school holiday party. The possibilities are endless! I’ll need to make a few of these with my own kids. Okay I’ll have to make all of them. Once they see this list then I know that’s going to be the case. And I’m okay with that. Easy to make and very little clean up. That’s my kind of craft. *wink*

Which are your favorite paper plate crafts ideas?

I’m really liking the peacock one. So cute!

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