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5 Beauty And The Beast Disney Jewelry

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Right now we are on vacation in St. George, Utah. Such a great travel destination and it’s always fun to spend time with extended family. We absolutely love visiting St. George. There’s just so much to see and do here. (Stay tuned for details on all of that! I’ll be sure to be posting about what there is to see and do in St. George. Or you’ve can always follow me on Instagram because I’ve been posting all the fun there. *wink* I can be found on Instagram at @seeingdandy.). As much as I love it here I’ve also gotta admit that it’s quite hot here. Like so much hotter than at home. Well over 100 degrees hot. To beat the heat we’ve been watching lots of Disney shows at the hottest times of the day. Like… The new Live action Beauty and the Beast! Naturally I have Disney jewelry treasures on my mind at the moment (because I love jewelry) so I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorites while everyone else is resting. Rest is another great way to beat the heat around here. wink*

Such a beautiful show. 

5 Beauty And The Beast Disney Jewelry

1.) This Beauty and the Beast charm bracelet.

Available HERE.


2.)  This Beauty and the Beast rose petals necklace.

Available HERE.

3.)  This Beauty and the Beast stained glass locket.

Available HERE.

4.)  This Beauty and the Beast jewelry box. Available HERE.

5.)  These Beauty and the Beast earrings.

Available HERE.

So many pieces of Disney jewelry out there!

Do you love the live action film as much as my family does?


What’s your favorite piece of Disney jewelry?



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