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5 Camelot Musical Favorites At The Muny In St. Louis

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Thirteen years ago was the last time the Camelot musical was performed on the Muny’s stage and now it’s finally back for the 104th season. St. Louis is home to the OLDEST and LARGEST outdoor theatre in the entire country. Each summer broadway shows arrive for a select number of weeks to be performed in our own majestic theatre in Forest Park. The adaptation of Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot is one that has grown to become theatre royal and fitting for the Muny line up.

camelot musical st louis muny

5 Camelot Musical Favorites At The Muny In St. Louis

The legendary love triangle of King Arthur has arrived in St. Louis and it’s one that you will definitely not want to miss. For the second time in a row my husband and I attended a production as first timers. Remember how last week we had never seen the Chicago musical before? Not even the movie!!! Well, the same is kind of true for last night at The Muny.

Sure I had seen the non musical film version First Knight starring Sean Connery Richard Gere and Julia Ormond so I knew the basic story line. I have also watch Disney’s The Sword in the Stone countless times so I know King Arthur’s boyhood story of being taken under the wing of the wizard Merlin and pulling the sword excalibur from the stone to become King. My kids have even tried with all their might to pull the sword from the stone next to the carousel in Magic Kingdom. So I definitely know the story from Medieval England, but I had just never before seen the musical

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st louis muny seats

Always a pleasure attending media night at The Muny in Forest Park!

Camelot Musical

This classic musical is the story of King Arthur, Queen Guenevere, Lancelot du Lac and the Knights of the Round Table. It first appeared on New York City’s Broadway in 1961 starring big names like Julie Andrews, Robert Goulet and Richard Burton in the original cast. The classic tale depicts the tragic struggle of good vs. evil, love and loss, and the rise and fall of power.

Despite the fact that I hadn’t watched the original musical, I did do some research into the 1961 version. I found this particular production to be a new version of the classic story of Arthur. It’s my observation that the creative team did take some liberties with this version by going in a different direction from the original in terms of costuming. While the original was more medieval , today’s version has more of a contemporary flare that ties in with the aged fashion. No matter the new version of the classic tale was perfection!

What musical numbers are in Camelot?

All of the original broadway musical songs are part of this new version including the title song, Camelot. It appears that the only one missing is the one that was titled “Forever”.

  • I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight
  • The Simple Joys of Maidenhood
  • Camelot (and Reprise)
  • C’est Moi
  • The Lusty Month of May
  • Take Me to the Fair
  • How to Handle a Woman
  • The Jousts
  • Before I Gaze at You Again
  • If Ever I Would Leave You
  • The Seven Deadly Virtues
  • Fie On Goodness
  • What Do the Simple Folk Do?
  • I Loved You Once in Silence
  • Guenevere

So many classic songs that are reminiscent of old Broadway!

How many Tony Awards has Camelot won?

The 1961 original broadway production won FOUR Tony awards. (This list does not include the Tony Award nominations of which were numerous when taking into account the 1981 revival of the Kingdom of Camelot.)

  • Best Conductor and Musical Director
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical
  • Best Scenic Design of a Musical

The above also does not include that Julie Andrews was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical and even though I haven’t seen that particular version, I think she should have totally won because hello Julie Andrews!!!

Was Camelot a real place and was King Arthur a real person?

The legend of King Arthur is one that has long been told. But is it only just that, a legend? Camelot and the Arthurian legends have spanned much of time. While it is thought that the past had a king who rose from nothing and that perhaps even a love triangle existed somewhere in the history, it has never been proven that Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table really existed. If anything the story is one that delves into the teachings of King Author’s mentor Merlin and important lessons that can be learned, just one being that goodness is a virtue.

And now for my 5 Camelot musical favorites…

Favorite Song

While the romantic numbers are beautiful, I loved the catchy and foot tapping tune of “What Do the Simple Folk Do”. Comical and yet though provoking of the monarchy it’s definitely one that I will be having Alexa tune up for me often this week and well into next.

Favorite Character

The lead role casting of Guenevere was so well done in Shereen Pimentel. Her voice is amazing. It’s not often that the second someone walks out on stage and begins the first note, I’m blown away. The talent she exhibits is truly breathtaking and it’s not surprising that she debuted in Broadway’s Lion King as Young Nala at the young age of nine!

Favorite Set Piece

I have to start out by saying first that this production featured some of the best scenic design elements that I’ve seen in a while. So many different components from imagery of the landscape to stained glass projections of the castle walls. I found the rotating floor to be perfect for this production, making it my favorite set piece, because I do enjoy when it’s used so well and incorporated into the movements of the actors.

camelot musical stage set

Favorite Moment

After the final battle we are left with a lineage of that goes from King Arthur himself passed down from generation to generation with the last moment being the people in the audience. It’s quite fitting to tie it all together in this way to reflect back on the past, look at the present and forward to future generations.

Favorite Snack

Even though the performance fell on a night where we had a reprieve from the hot weather we had last week, I decided to go with a tasty and cooling treat. The Ronnie’s Lemon Freeze is the perfect combination of frozen ice and thirst quenching flavor. It’s a unique Muny snack that I could enjoy again and again.

ronnies lemon freeze st louis muny

The musical Camelot will be on the Muny’s stage until June 28th so hurry and get your tickets today!

Go HERE for ticket sales to see the Camelot musical at The Muny!

What’s up next at The Muny in Forest Park?

Muny magic is in the Lou all summer long!

Camelot (showing NOW): June 22-28

Mary Poppins: July 5-13

Sweeney Todd: July 16-22

Legally Blonde The Musical: July 25-31

The Color Purple: August 3-9

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: August 12-18

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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