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5 Creative Container Gardening Projects To Do With Kids

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With all the craziness in the world keeping us indoors, I’ve been trying to think of some fun activities to do around here. Especially if schools are closed and we have an extended spring break. What better way to prepare for spring than container gardening?! The following container gardening projects are the perfect family activity for kids. Keep reading to discover 5 super easy container gardening ideas and projects that your little one can try (and enjoy)!

Container gardening ideas for kids

5 Creative Container Gardening Projects To Do With Kids


C0ntainer gardening has become the hottest new trend today, and everyone from gardening novices to experts are trying their hands at it and creating stunning wall decor and mini herb gardens right in their homes. And because it is so easy to do, what could be better than having your little one try it too? 



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Kids Container Gardening Ideas

Container gardening is also a great way to get your garden started before spring planting! You can start seedlings off in the following types of containers or keep growing the plants in the fun pots.


Celery in a Dish

If your little one is getting his hands into the dirt for literally the first time, this project is probably one of the best ones to start with. This is because it is super super simple and also because he’ll be able to see the results crazy soon, because it tends to sprout in a matter of days. 

All you need is a bunch of celery, a glass dish or bowl and water. Chop off the bottom of the celery and then place it in the dish full of water, and that’s pretty much it. It’ll start to sprout in a few days and then you can transfer it to the soil. 

Growing celery in a dish or container




Garlic Greens in a Can

Growing garlic greens in a can is another great idea you can try out with your kid. However, this requires a bit more patience than other gardening projects, because it takes time for garlic to sprout up the greens, but once the shoots emerge, things start to get faster. 

All you need is an old can with a few holes punched into its bottom, some soil to be added to it, and some garlic cloves, which you can have your kid plant around 1 inch deep into the soil, and water daily. 

Easy to grow garlic greens




Garden in an Eggshell

Having a mini garden in an eggshell can look attractive and cute, but it does need a bit of adult supervision, especially if your kid is young. You can do some of the prep for this project, and have your kid work on the easy parts. Here’s what you’ve got to do. 

Empty an egg by piercing a small hole onto its top and draining off its content. Now wash the eggshell and allow it to air dry. Chop off the top ¼th portion of the eggshell and have your kid fill it up with some soil and plant some oat or wheatgrass seeds into it and water it a little everyday.

Growing seeds in eggshells




Garden in a Juice Box or Milk Carton

Empty juice boxes (or milk cartons) can be repurposed amazingly into a juice box garden. Choose from flowering plants to grasses and other herbs to use for this project. Simply chop off the top of an empty carton, clean it, and have your kid get his hands dirty into it. 

Growing a garden in milk cartons or juice box




Garden in a Toy

What could be better than turning your kid’s old toy into a mini garden? Trucks, wagons and everything else that you think would be great as a flat surface for plants can be used. Have your kid layer some potting soil onto it, and then plant some succulents or any other plants that you have in mind. 

Kids container gardening toy truck


I hope you enjoy all these fun ideas for kids container gardening!


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