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5 Reasons To Take A Disneyland Hotel Vacation

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A Disneyland Hotel vacation is definitely the way to go for families who love Disney. We loved our vacation there and it’s such a great places for the entire family!

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5 Reasons To Take A Disneyland Hotel Vacation

We didn’t go to Disneyland until a few years back. Before that Disney World was our magical vacation of choice. After all Florida is much closer for us to get to. We also really love Magic Kingdom. And all the parks really. I mean what is not to love? Disney World has everything. But then we were invited to meet up with some family in California and we were able to experience the appeal of the land!


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Why A Disneyland Hotel Vacation?


#1 – Disneyland is smaller than Disney World. Now this might not appeal to everyone, but for our family we needed a break from getting so tired out at the world of Disney. Plus, Disneyland is perfect when you only have a few days. For us Disney World is only worth it if we have a week. 


#2 – No need to go by any type of vehicle (car, shuttle, monorail) to get to Disneyland. The Disneyland Hotel is just a short walk from the entries to Disneyland and California Adventure. Just take a nice morning stroll through Downtown Disney and you’ll find both parks at the end of the walkway. 


#3 – Goofy’s Kitchen. This fun spot to eat breakfast is right in the Disneyland Hotel! It’s a unique eatery that serves the delicious mouse shaped waffles as characters visit tables.


#4 – Pools and waterslides that are all about retro. There’s a pool for swimming laps and one that is ideal for just play, complete with monorail themed waterslides. The decor features the look of the early years of Disneyland. You’ll also find several places to dine. 


#5 – Headboards that play music and light up. You’ll find really neat headboards in every room. These headboards light up with fireworks. Plus, the headboard plays the magical music of “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes”. It’s something that is unique to the Disneyland Hotel and so much fun.   



There are so many reasons to visit Disneyland and to take a Disneyland Hotel vacation, but these are just a few of my favorites. Be sure to let me know some of your own favorites HERE.



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