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5 The Color Purple Musical Favorites At The Muny In St. Louis

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The Color Purple musical. Wow. I thought I knew all there was to know about this story and yet this version gave me a whole new perspective. Chills even. So many emotions to be felt in one evening. It’s as if I never truly saw the stirring family chronicle until last night. My eyes were indeed opened at The Muny in Forest Park!

the color purple musical playbill

5 The Color Purple Musical Favorites At The Muny In St. Louis

The Color Purple Musical opened on August 3rd at The Muny here in St. Louis and it’s a version of the Broadway production that you definitely need to take part in. I attended the show for media night and took my 14-year-old jazz band playing kid with me. He really enjoyed it, as did I. Such a great evening spent together as mother and son!

muny photo backdrop

Be mindful that this musical, much like the book and the Academy Award winning film before it, features many themes that are better suited for mature audiences. I’d definitely recommend this musical for teens to adult. You can read more about the themes and language that are depicted under the show guidelines here.

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The Color Purple Musical

Most people immediately think of the Steven Spielberg film starring Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover and Whoopi Goldberg when anyone mentions The Color Purple. While the big screen It’s the musical adaptation of Alice Walker ‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is very well known and respected that opens in the early 1900s and concludes in the mid 1900s is one that originally made it’s Broadway debut on . It’s the unforgettable story of a woman who overcomes the harsh realities of the unfortunate lot in life that she was dealt and escapes years of abuse to finally end the cycle. In many ways it’s an inspiring family saga story of hope that depicts the healing power of love. The arc of this epic story is one of love, redemption, forgiveness and an overall celebration of life.

How many Tony Awards has The Color Purple won?

While the original Broadway musical received ELEVEN Tony nominations (that’s a lot of nominations) in 2006, it wasn’t until 2016 when The Color Purple won Best Revival of a Musical. That was only shortly after the Broadway revival of this version of the story had arrived back in New York City. Cynthia Erivo also won that same year for Best Actress in a stage musical.

Where does the title The Color Purple originate come from?

It has been said that the title is taken directly from the original words of Alice Walker and her character Shug Avery. She said that God must get really angry when anyone walks by a field of purple flowers without noticing the beauty. I have to agree with that statement. Purple flowers have long been a favorite of mine and it’s amazing how many shades of purple there truly are.

What musical numbers will you hear in the production?

The musical director indeed went over the top with the sounds of the American South. Such a joyous score of music from old ragtime jazz to gospel to tribal African music, all are featured in this new adaptation of The Color Purple musical.

Huckleberry Pie

Mysterious Ways

Somebody Gonna Love You

Our Prayer

Big Dog

Hell No!

Brown Betty

Shug Avery Comin’ to Town

Too Beautiful for Words

Push Da Button

Uh Oh!

What About Love?

African Homeland

The Color Purple

Mister’s Song

Miss Celie’s Pants

Any Little Thing

I’m Here

And now for my 5 Muny musical favorites…

Favorite Song

So many great songs in this musical production! I was particularly touched by the sweet innocence of young Celie and young Nettie at the very beginning singing Huckleberry Pie together. Ultimately though I have to give a nod to the entire musical sequence of Miss Celie’s Pants. The lyrics were fun and catchy, the coordinated tap dancing added a level of sound to the song and it was a moment when you could truly see joy in an adult Celie. A very thought provoking song and number indeed.

Favorite Character

My choice of favorite character was a difficult decision. I’ve always loved the character of Sofia and the strength that she had, but ultimately it was the character of the downtrodden young woman, Celie who pulled in the favorite. And I think that it was heavily due to the voice of actress Anastacia McCleskey. She is so very talented. Her unique voice indeed spoke to the audience last night at The Muny.

Favorite Set Piece

I loved the simplicity of this particular set. A lot of rustic wood that didn’t detract focus from the intensity happening on stage. It was also beautiful how, with lighting and use of video, the shades of wood grain would carry a purple hue.

muny color purple stage

Favorite Moment

My favorite moment was also a turning point in the life of Celie. It’s definitely when she learns that her beloved sister Nettie is still alive and has been writing her hundreds of letters over the years. Immediately she begins reading to catch up on all that she has missed and it’s through Celie’s imagination that we see the life that Nettie has been living. It indeed gives a personal awakening to dear Celie, filled with hope and strength. Power that allows her to persevere and break free.

Favorite Snack

You might be surprised that for this edition of the 5 favorites I brought a treat available outside of The Muny with me! I simply had to because it’s a snack that was designed specifically for this production of The Color Purple. Everyone’s favorite The Cup, a local cupcake shop, has created these beautiful limited-edition cupcakes to celebrate The Color Purple musical. The cupcakes are the perfect combination of vanilla cake with vanilla icing and a pretty little purple African violet flower on top.

the cup color purple cupcake

In addition, The Cup is generously donating 15% of sales on this limited-edition cupcake to Lydia’s House here in St. Louis. This amazing nonprofit is a place of hope for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

You can get these cupcakes for a good cause now through the show’s closing night of August 9th. Cupcakes are available in store at The Cup locations in the Central West End and Edwardsville, IL or online at Be sure to pick a few up before you head down to The Muny!

Don’t Miss Out On The Color Purple Musical!

You do not want to miss out on the Muny’s presentation of The Color Purple. It’s here in St. Louis until August 9th!

Get your tickets HERE.

What’s up next at St. Louis’ magical outdoor theatre in Forest Park?

You’ll find Muny magic here in St. Louis until August 18th!

The Color Purple (showing NOW): August 3rd-9th

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: August 12th-18th

Get tickets from the box office HERE.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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