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5 To Kill A Mockingbird Play Favorites At The Fabulous Fox

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What is often called the greatest novel of all time has arrived on stage in St. Louis at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. The To Kill A Mockingbird play will transport you back in time to 1930s Alabama and all the emotion that goes with it.

to kill a mockingbird play favorites

5 To Kill A Mockingbird Play Favorites At The Fabulous Fox

While I love the performing arts and have seen countless musicals, I’ve only been to just over a handful of plays in my lifetime. Last night’s performance is undoubtably one of the greatest plays I’ve ever seen. It was enthralling until the very last moment and felt as if Gregory Peck was among us.

fox theatre date night

As my husband and I sat in our seats during the intermission we reflected on the level of racial tension that must have been felt in the deep south during that time frame, but also about the injustices that still exist today. For that reason this story is still so very relevant and important today.

It was shocking and uncomfortable to hear the words that individuals would utter against another person. What’s also sad is those who need to realize their ignorant ways were probably not in attendance. We must make a difference in this world and it starts with each of us.

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All Rise

The stage adaptation of Harper Lee’s is so very beautifully done. Often called the greatest novel of all time, The role of Atticus Finch is portrayed by an actor well known to both the stage and screen. Actor Richard Thomas masterfully takes on the role of Atticus. He does it with such grace and feeling.

I knew this particular show would involve emotion, but wasn’t sure of the magnitude. So many different types of emotions are felt. The “kids” of the performance (Scout, her brother Jem and Dill who is living next door for the summer are all played by adults) are able to artfully add emotion easing comedy immediately following uncomfortable moments. They are able to be in character for tense, emotional scenes and then the next minute have the audience laughing. Much like children are able to focus on the little things that are often the most important. To Kill a Mockingbird will forever be a painful reminder of the American South’s history, but also a reminder to be better, do better and help others.

scout and atticus on porch to kill a mockingbird play

Image source: To Kill A Mockingbird, photo by Julieta Cervantes

When did Harper Lee’s novel To Kill A Mockingbird make its Broadway debut?

The Broadway production of the classic novel (written by Aaron Sorkin) opened in 2018 at the Shubert Theatre in New York City. While the history of this particular play didn’t last a long time on Broadway I do have a feeling that it will become one of the most successful American plays. It’s that good and the story needs to be told again and again.

What happens in the To Kill A Mockingbird play?

Small-town lawyer Atticus Finch reluctantly agrees to represent a black man who is accused of assaulting a white woman. Through the trial (and the eyes of “children”) the audience views racial injustice in a way that is both unique and perhaps never been done before. No jury is ever shown and its as if the Broadway show puts the audience in that position. You truly feel you are members of the jury as Atticus Finch implores you to do the right thing, to exonerate a man who is clearly innocent, so he can avoid the electric chair and go home to his family.

Who’s Who In The cast Of The To Kill A Mockingbird Play

Atticus Finch – Richard Thomas

Scout Finch – Melanie Moore

Calpurnia – Jacqueline Williams

Jem Finch – Justin Mark

Tom Robinson – Yaegel T. Welch

Dill Harris – Steven Lee Johnson

Mrs. Henry Dubose – Mary Badham

Bob Ewell – Joey Collins

Judge Taylor – David Manis

Horace Gilmer – Luke Smith

Mayella Ewell – Arianna Gayle Stucki

Sheriff – David Christopher Wells

Link Deas – Jeff Still

Miss Stephanie – Liv Rooth

Mr. Cunningham and Boo Radley – Travis Johns


The actress who plays Mrs. Henry Dubose is the woman who at the age of 10 performed in the role of Scout along side Gregory Peck.

mary badham scout

Image source: To Kill A Mockingbird, photo by Julieta Cervantes

To Kill A Mockingbird Play Favorites

Favorite character

The character of Scout has long been a favorite of mine and she was indeed still a favorite in the play form. Melanie Moore is an adult playing a young girl and she captivates the audience with the innocence of a child. She nails the performance right down to her posture.

Favorite Quote

All Rise. This simple phrase is always made in a court room just before the judge enters (rising as a sign of respect to the honorable who will be upholding the law) and it gave me chills when the words are said with conviction by Scout at the close of the performance. It’s a call to us all to stand up for what’s right. To take charge and to make a change in this world.

Other quotes from the novel:

“Things are never as bad as they seem.”

“The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.”

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

“People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.”

Favorite Moment

So many favorite moments as I could not ever look away from this masterpiece. My favorite moment is definitely when Scout notices Mr. Cunningham is one of the mob members. She calls out to him and tells him to tell his son Walter that she says, “hey”. It was so very touching and not a sound in the theatre. The whole mood changes as grown men became uncomfortable with their choices and decide to go home.

Favorite Set Piece

I loved the front porch part of the set. Perfectly done to make you feel like you were sitting outside of a home in the south as a family drank sweet tea.

Favorite Snack

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was yet again a mocktail on the menu at the Fox Theatre’s Concessions. This one is called Scout and it’s a flavorful mix of cranberry juice with sweet and sour. Highly recommend!

scout to kill a mockingbird mocktail

Just had to take the picture in the elevator since the gate is old timey.


The national tour of To Kill A Mockingbird will be in St. Louis at the Fabulous Fox Theatre until March 12th. Get your tickets from the box office HERE.

to kill a mockingbird playbill

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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