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5 Ways Cars 3 Is Like The Original Disney Cars

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My kids were beyond excited to see the prescreening of Cars 3 early in the week. It’s a franchise that our entire family truly adores. Each of my children have grown up around these particular Disney films. Their ages are 9, 5, and 3 so the older two have literally grown up knowing the world of Lightning McQueen. They’ve seen the other movies; 1 and 2. They’ve been to Cars Land in California Adventure. I too was excited to see the movie and to find out what Disney would do next with the characters of Radiator Springs. Where would they go from the days of Cars 2? Would this movie pick up from where that left off? Would it be like the original Disney Cars at all?

When Cars 2 came out it was a completely different plot. It was full of mystery, intrigue, spies, and cars trying to take over the world. Sure there was racing but it was nothing like the first one. The main focus wasn’t on Lightning McQueen and that’s okay. It was fun to follow Mater on his escapades and to meet the British car characters. The storyline was completely different and I have to admit that I did miss Radiator Springs and the racing aspect. I think my kids did too. That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised to find that Cars 3 somewhat mirrors the original Cars or at least it takes it back to the basics of racing.

Slight *Spoilers* Ahead





5 Ways Cars 3 Is Like The Original Disney Cars

Image source: Disney

1.)  Radiator Springs characters. Of course there are all new characters introduced in Cars 3 but there are also so many of the original ones as well. Lightning definitely returns to his chosen roots in this third installment. And… the tractors are back!

2.)  There’s a bully race car.  Every film needs an antagonist and this film is no exception. Much like in the original there is a bully race car that everyone is trying to beat and it’s not Lightning.

3.)  Learning to race again.  Lightning McQueen is falling behind in the world of technological racing. He’s no longer a rookie and so it’s back to basics of learning to race. Much like in the original Cars.

4.)  Doc Hudson makes an appearance. Kind of.  In Cars 3 we are able to see this beloved friend through flashbacks and through the eyes of Doc’s friends from his own racing days. Meaning that Lightning goes in search of the Hudson Hornet’s past.

5.)  Being a Mentor. You may remember that Lightning McQueen learned his technique from Doc Hudson. In this film Lightning becomes the mentor to another young wanna be racer. He ultimately discovers himself but helps others to see their own dreams at the same time. Definitely a coming full circle moment.

. . .

There are just so many similarities that I cannot even count them all. And I don’t want to give too much away and spoil the movie for anyone!

In the tradition set by going from the original Disney Cars to Cars 2, I would think that if a Cars 4 is made then it would follow another character. Perhaps that new rookie racer that Lightning helped mentor…

Image soure: Disney


Did you find any similarities between Cars 3 and the original Disney Cars?

Cars 3 is now showing everywhere so be sure to race out to see it soon!


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