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5 Must Have Yard Flowers For Spring

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Springtime is always a favorite. It’s the season of rebirth. I adore all the flowers of spring, but especially the ones that are easiest to care more. *wink* My great-grandmother always had the most beautiful yard flowers for spring. Tons and tons of daffodils. Read on to learn all about the must haves for spring!

Gorgeous spring yard flowers that are easy to grow.


5 Must Have Yard Flowers For Spring

There are so many different flowers to choose from, but below are my favorites! 

But first… WHY do I call them ‘yard flowers’?


Great-Grandma’s Yard Flowers

From the time I was 11-years-old until I left for college, I lived next door to my great-grandmother. Well, I guess technically it was a tad bit further than right next door away… We lived in a rural area and he house was the next property over. Easier said, I could walk through a field to get to her house! My great-grandmother, Grace Isabel Voyles, was part of my life until I was 19. That’s not at all very common. Great-Grandma lived to be 89 and the morning she died was actually leaving for work at the local library. She had been the town police dispatcher and upon retirement became the librarian. It gave her something to do and look forward to everyday. She was strong willed and an amazing woman. And did she ever like plants! Large patches of my great-grandmother’s yard were actually just flowers. It’s how I will always remember her best.

Yard Flowers Perfect For Spring

For DIY planting, the following bulbs should have been in the ground already. BUT don’t despair if you are behind schedule. You can still find full grown spring flowers online or at your local nursery. Just bury the bulb in the ground to enjoy this year and for years to come.


Yellow is my favorite color so naturally I’m drawn to these sunshine flowers. They spread out and are quite hearty to the elements. Plus, you can do fun science experiments with them!

We had so much fun changing the colors of our daffodils!




Not just in Holland! These spring flowers are popular in cities around the United States. Particularly in the Northwest where entire fields and festivals abound.

Tulips for spring in red, yellow, white and pink.

I love the many color varieties. So many different options to match any outdoor color scheme you desire. Pick the perfect colors to match the exterior of your home!




Commonly found in the purple color, these little flowers also grow in white or yellow.

Crocus bulbs spring ground cover.

Low lying to the ground makes these perfect accents with your other spring flowers.




Hearty and beautiful, you cannot go wrong with these pretties. Multiple little blooms on stem create a stand alone

Hyacinths flowers in pink, red, yellow and purple.
Hyacinths come is so many different colors.




Also commonly seen in a purple, but in other colors as well. A velvety looking accent makes these spring flowers look royal.

Beautiful purple iris with water drops.

Also in yellow, white, red, light purple and fuchsia.


Beautiful yard flowers for spring!

Daffodil yard flowers in yellow and white.


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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