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A dandelion is dandy but so is a St Louis tulip.

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When we purchased our home back in 2009 it came with this really spacious yard.  Honestly?  It’s the reason why we bought it.  Sure the house needed work.  Quite a bit of work actually.  It came with an original master bathroom, partially original kitchen, loads of wood trim from the early 70’s and just an overall sense of an era gone by.  The master bathroom is just a shell of a bathroom really.  Not a single drop of bathroom remodel at all.  I must admit that it’s exactly the same as the day we moved in.  The kitchen has since been improved and the wood trim has all been painted white.   There’s one thing that the house was lacking.  Shag carpet.  Sooo very thankful that the previous owners didn’t cover up the beautiful wood floors with that monstrosity.

The neighborhood was a well established one that didn’t have any small children around.  Unless it was the occasional grandchildren who came to the street for weekends and holidays.  In fact we were the first family in at least a decade to move in with an energetic toddler in tow.  At the time we only  had Banjo in our life and he was just 18 months old.  The home came with a lot of room for a growing family.  It also came with the fabulous, roomy yard with loads of flowering trees.

Our Magnolia



Apparently the first owner had been a master gardener and the second owner had ripped out all the plants.  So when we came along we had a sort of blank photo canvas to work with.  See what I did there?  I like to take pictures and put them on canvas….

The flowering trees were still around so basically we had a lot of work to do on the yard part.  It’s hard to do with little children and no gardener.  Who really has a gardener anyway?  We planted some flowers every now and again but never found anything that we really liked.  Then just this last fall my Audi planted over 200 bulbs.  Tulip bulbs because he knows that I’m a major fan.  It’s he just so great to me?  The tulips bloomed this last week and I’m in total awe.



See what I mean?  Our backyard has truly been transformed into a tulip splendor.  Thank you to my dear husband for working so hard to make this happen.  He works hard seeing patients and then plants hundreds of bulbs on the weekend?  I got myself a keeper and won big with him.


So now you’ve learned something else about me.  I love dandelions but I also love tulips.

What sorts of flowers do you love?

And remember… You should always take the time to stop and smell a St Louis tulip.


Oh and I’m ever so grateful to our weed and feed service guy for not doing his job correctly on a strip of the side yard because now I also get to gaze on this dandiness.  My dandelions are finally in bloom!


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