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A Favorite Thing: NurtiBullet

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One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to really listen to my body. I need to listen to it when it’s hungry, really hungry (not just craving something), enjoying each and every bite I take, and stopping when I get the full signal. While I’ve been doing this I got sick of the run of the mill breakfast foods: cereal, eggs, toast, sausage, and pan cakes. Last week I woke up and after waiting to get the hunger feelings I realized that none of those foods were what my body wanted. It wanted some delicious, filling, and easy. Enter Nutribullet.


A good month and half ago my blender met an untimely death when I bumped it off the counter with my elbow when it leapt from the highest shelf on the highest cabinet! It was an ugly death and I was so sad! The NutriBullet had been waiting to get it’s time on my counter, to show me it’s cool moves. So when I felt the need for a fast and tasty breakfast last week I figured the time had come. I got it out along with some tasty add-ins and BOOM I was in business.


This thing is seriously powerful! I screamed a little jumped the first time I turned it on. It turned my pile of fruits and veggies into an amazing smoothly that my body was all to happy to have. It was fantastic! The NutriBullet (I need to name it, something like Flash or Dash) now has a permanent spot on my counter and I’ve used it every day since! It’s definitely a new favorite for sure!

Are you listening to what you body REALLY wants? It’s pretty amazing happens when you do. 😀


***I’m not being paid or compensated in anyway by NurtiBullet. The opinions in this post are mine alone.***

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