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A Graphic Tee For Only $2.79?!

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Prepare yourself for this dandy graphic tee posting.  Take a deep breath.  It’s a doozy.  First… Remember my post yesterday about modest clothing?  Particularly modest shorts?  Do you also remember that at the bottom of the posting I promised you that I would be back with a dandy of a deal on some t-shirts?  Well, I did and here it is.  This dandy of a deal just happens to pertain to getting your hands on a graphic tee for ONLY $2.79.  How is that even possible?  Don’t be too shocked.  It is entirely possible and I’m going to give you the low down on just how to make it happen.




Wouldn’t it be so fun if we had a “Team Dandy” shirt?

Now I know it seems a little too hard to believe that you can purchase a shirt for under $3.  I mean sure the 80’s style is back and all, but the 80’s prices too???  Yep.  It’s totally back and 100% possible to get a t-shirt for under the cost of a gallon of milk.  Like these graphic tees for instance:



If you follow my instructions to the tee *pun totally intended* then you will save some major bucks and get 16 graphic tees for only $2.79 each.  Ready to shop the dandy way?  Here goes!


We’ve already well established that I like to shop for my kids in bulk because I get the most bang for my buck.  It’s also a dandy idea to shop for next season during the current season.  Usually in the middle of the season is when the BIG sales happen.  Why wait and get clothes on sale for kids that are then just going to last a few months before another season starts?  Especially when kids outgrow clothes so quickly.  Definitely not going to get the most bang for your buck there.  Do what I do.  Buy a size bigger mid season when everything is on sale and then you have your kid’s wardrobe all ready for the next year.


A graphic tee is also perfect for layering over a long sleeved shirt.

Then you get double the wear for summer AND fall.

Since I have 3 kids it’s really easy to purchase 16 shirts.  That equates into 6 shirts for Banjo, 6 shirts for Ruby, and 4 shirts for Cache (he already has a ton of hand me downs from his older brother).  That’s a graphic tee for practically every single day of the week.  Which means I only have to do wash for them once a week during the summer!  Totally worth it.  Especially when it’s only at $2.79 a graphic tee!


Be sure to get a BIRTHDAY graphic tee.  It’s part of the deal too!

To get that price all you have to do is head on over to The Children’s Place.  Then just add 16 of the specially marked graphic tees ($3.99 per graphic tee) to your cart and then use coupon code ‘COUPON3’ at checkout.  Then like magic each one of those graphic tees will only cost you $2.79!  But you gotta act fast because this graphic tee deal ends TONIGHT.

There you have it.  THE way to get a dandy deal on a graphic tee.

Or rather a dandy deal on 16 of them.  *wink*

What other ways do YOU like to save money?

*this posting contains affiliate links but all opinions and advice are strictly my own.

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