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A Very Merry To You

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I must apologize for my late posting.  Today has been a long day.  I’m sure it has been where you are as well.  It’s a given that December 24th and December 25th will be long days.  BUT they are both days filled with joy and time spent with loved ones.  They are dandy days.  So I’m definitely late in posting this, but it’s still before the end of Christmas Day so it still counts as wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, right?  Our day has been quite eventful.  So far three members of the family pictures above have fallen to the flu.  Perfect timing.  Just perfect.  Isn’t that how the flu always works?  I guess there’s never really a good time to come down with the flu.  But on Christmas?  That just has to be the worst.  The worst.  So I’ve been playing Florence Nightingale today and taking care of the afflicted.  Myself and the littlest guy are still holding out.  Fingers crossed we aren’t next.  Otherwise is going to be a very LONG weekend.  Right now all is peaceful here.  I’m the only one awake.  The house is quiet.  Everyone is hopefully settled in and resting for a long winter’s sleep.  Dreaming of sugar plums and all of that jazz.

Pardon me.  I had to pause to evaluate the situation upstairs when I heard the screams of, “I’m going to vomit!”

The offender of emesis is now snuggled back into bed.  Hopefully to dream for the remainder of the night.  He needs his rest.  Which reminds me…  I best be getting myself to sleep.  Florence needs to be well rested to take on what lies ahead tomorrow.  Praying ever so hard that this is a short lived virus, but knowing that the virus making its way around the Lou is not of that variety… we could be in it for the long haul.

‘Tis the Season for the Flu!

May you all have a peaceful night and a very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy this time with your family and love ones.  It’s truly a magical time of year.


merryFrom my family to yours… 

Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas!

Oh and I just posted a giveaway for a mom shirt over on the giveaway blog.  And to all a good night!

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