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Tara Smith, Seeing Dandy Blog

Hello and welcome to the Seeing Dandy Blog – the place to see dandy things!

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Who runs this Saint Louis mom blog? That would be me! I’m a 40 something year old gal. I like all things chocolate. This would include:  chocolate eclairs (the ones in Paris are the bestest), chocolate cannolis, chocolate covered raisins, and anything Cadbury!

I like to travel and am passionate about public health. Before kids I worked in a Children’s ER and have a bachelors in psychology. I like to sew and craft. In addition to blogging I’m also a small business owner of Dandy Soft Serve (a St. Louis ice cream machine rental).


I’m a mom to one dandy 14 year-old boy, one dandy 10 year-old girl, one dandy 8 year-old boy, one dandy almost 2 year-old girl and wife to one dandy audiologist man. Parker is our music man (trombone and piano), Ivy figure skates (also plays piano), Graham likes to play baseball and basketball, Darcy does all the things that toddlers like to do and Steve goes to Honduras on a medical mission for a week every November.

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Why dandelions?  The answer is quite simple.  They were my late grandfather’s favorite flower.  He didn’t view them as a weed, but rather a beautiful plant! While others would become frustrated with how they overtook their perfect, green grass he delighted in their appearance.

My grandfather would always regret having to mow them down, but they were hardy little plants that would grow right back and spread across the lawn. I’m sure that his next door neighbors always loved how he was willing to share his dandelions with their own lawns.

Thanks, Boompa for teaching me that all things in life can be just dandy.

I love to create free printables for my blog readers. My Alice in Wonderland print is the most popular. It’s a quote that I came up with, “In a world full of princesses, be an Alice”.

You’ll also find lots of other unique printables, recipes, family fun, travel ideas and much more right here on Seeing Dandy!


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