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15 Adorable Owl Crafts For Kids To Make

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Owls are totally in for decorating and have been for quite a few years know. There’s just something very  knowledgeable looking about an owl. Plus, owl gifts are all the rage. My grandfather was an owl person.  He collected owls for years and I’m so very grateful to now have many of his prized pieces. When it comes to crafting, there are tons of really adorable owl crafts that kids can make. Easy to make and fun for kids to get their creativity on. These are also perfect for school parties! Read on to see a list of just a few of my favorites.

Easy to make adorable owl crafts for kids to create.

Owl Crafts

Kids love crafting and especially making gifts for others. These owls are easy to make and kids will have lots of fun being creative. Plus, many would actually make cute gifts. Quite a few would even be perfect to use as decorations for the Christmas tree! I’m thinking that a few of the owls made out of bark and acorns would make really unique Christmas ornaments. A sort of natural and rustic look. Very farmhouse style!

15 Adorable Owl Crafts For Kids To Make

  1. Cork Owls
  2. Potato Print Owls
  3. Owl Bird Feeder
  4. Paper Plate Owls
  5. Printable Owl Treat bags
  6. Egg Carton owls
  7. Bark Owls
  8. Soda Bottle owl
  9. Owl Key ring
  10. Owl Bucket Craft
  11. TP Owls
  12. Plastic Spoon Owl puppets
  13. Pine Cone Owls
  14. Owl Writing Activity
  15. Stone Owls

Easy owl crafts!

So many unique and easy to make owls, don’t you think? Are YOU a collector of owls? Do you know someone who is? Let me know your thoughts on this round up of the most dandy owl gifts that kids can actually make with a little help from you.

Happy crafting and be sure to check out some other great DIY projects on the blog HERE!

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