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All Aboard The Union Station Polar Express

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It’s finally that magical time of year! The time to climb aboard the Union Station Polar Express and travel to the North Pole has arrived. Trains leave the station nightly and it’s a family favorite adventure that you do not want to miss out on. So get ready and join the fun on the Polar Express!

Union Station Polar Express holiday tradition in St. Louis.

All Aboard The Union Station Polar Express

A few weeks ago my family and I were able to experience the adventure for the second year in a row. It was amazing last year and just as amazing this time around. My kids absolutely love this newer family tradition of ours. This holiday train ride is sure to be a tradition that we all look forward to for years and years to come.


Beautiful vintage train cars.

For weeks leading up to our trip, the kids kept asking when we would be going on the Polar Express. As soon as their was a chill in the air, they knew that the time to visit Santa at the North Pole was almost upon us. When the night finally came they were ecstatic. They wore matching pajamas and experienced so many sibling moments together.

Family pictures in matching patching pajamas at the Union Station Polar Express.

So many beautiful photo backdrops while waiting for the train.

Special Moments On The Union Station Polar Express

It really is such a magical adventure full of music, dancing, classic characters, and of course hot chocolate!

Union Station Polar Express conductor, Santa, and storybook.

Hot chocolate and gluten free, nut free, dairy free cookie on the Union Station Polar Express.

More About The Union Station Polar Express

There is magic from the moment you step aboard the train until you leave and memories to last a lifetime.

All the magic and fun of the Union Station Polar Express. Sights and downtown St. Louis Arch.

There are still seats available for most nights thru December 30th. If you haven’t yet started this holiday tradition, then this is the year. If you’ve already experienced the adventure, then it’s time to go again.

Get your tickets HERE

And have a very dandy time!

Be sure to check out our trip from last year. It’s on the blog HERE.

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