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Arrow Bracelets Are Totally Dandy

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I’ve been seeing a lot of arrows lately.  Arrows on shirts.  Arrows on leggings.  Arrows on jewelry.  Must be a thing.  And I like it.  I’m especially drawn to the arrow bracelets and I think that I need some in my life.  So I had a look around online to see what I could find and just so happened to locate quite a few at my favorite jewelry shop.  It’s great to find so many options all in one place!

All of these arrow bracelets are from Stella & Dot:arrow bracelets

The above pieces range in price from just $19 to $39.

I’ve been a fan of Stella & Dot since I first learned about their gorgeous jewelry.  The year?  2009.  And it has been dandy in my mind ever since.

Find more great trendy jewelry styles HERE at Stella & Dot!

I know. I know.  You are now a fan of Stella & Dot, too.  What’s your favorite piece of jewelry from this dandy company?  Let me know in the comments!


*All of the photos are from Stella & Dot.

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