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Back to school clothes on sale is dandy

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Clearly I didn’t listen to my previous posting about getting back to school clothes on sale.  You know the one?  Remember?  That major jeans sale that happened on Friday.  Only $8.88 a pair.  Yeah.  Sigh.  I didn’t listen to myself.  Sure I posted it for you all to get in on the dandy of a deal and then…  Well, I went to bed.  I totally missed out on the sale myself.  I have a feeling that I’ll be kicking myself for quite some time over that error.  Seriously.  I really messed up.  Big time.  It’s going to cost me.  Wait?  You missed out jeans sale, too???  Good thing I came across another dandy of a deal.  Take heed to this one, because it’s a great one.

Gymboree has back to school clothes on sale at savings of up to 70% off!!! 



I’m not going to miss out on this here deal.  You best not miss out on it either.

Click below to get the deal.

Save an Extra 30% off Markdowns at Gymboree for Savings Up to 70%!

It’s not often that you get an EXTRA 30% off at Gymboree.

This deal ends in just TWO days!

Be sure to snag these items at less than $5 each!!!

gymboree sale

Now I’m off to shop.  The first day of school is almost here and I haven’t even started on the back to school shopping.  Let’s not even talk about the class list of school supplies…

Is it summer again yet???

*This posting does contain affiliate links but all opinions are strictly my own.

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