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Back To School Organizing

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The time has officially come for both of the school aged kiddies in our little dandy household to be back in school. Not exactly sure yet what the littlest and I are going to be doing to keep ourselves busy but I’m guessing there will be lots of back to school organizing happening!


Okay there will be lots of back to school organizing going on.

If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen that mess above. Missing caps. Basically a disorganized mess that I was more than ready to just throw in the towel on. There comes a point where, for my sanity, I just need to throw the whole mess away and start over.

Fortunately for us… Crayola came to the rescue just days after I made that post on Instagram! Imagine the luck! As part of the Back to School with Crayola campaign we received a box full of goodies and my kids were beyond ecstatic.


When we do our back to school list shopping we are always drawn to the Crayola products. Anyone catch that pun there? Drawn. *wink*  Crayola makes high quality marker, crayons, colored pencils, and more! With this box of Crayola dandiness the big kids are definitely more than covered with all of the products we received. But there’s even plenty to go around for the littlest guy of the house.

art boy


He can often be found creating masterpieces. And much more intently than his older siblings. I think we may have a budding artist in our midst.


Our favorite items from Crayola? The Shopkins and Finding Dory crayon boxes are adorable, all of the kids love Model Magic, and I’m a huge fan of the Twistables!

colored pencils

Now I’m off to start all the back to school organizing around here. First up? New box for all of our new Crayola supplies!

Do you have a favorite Crayola product?

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