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Easy To Make Baseball Clothespin Magnets: Perfect For School Lockers

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Happy Opening Day! Got a baseball fan at your house? Make some fun baseball clothespin magnets! So easy to make and perfect for putting on the school lockers. Also great for the refrigerator or dishwasher. Anywhere that you want to hold a note!

baseball clothespin magnets

Easy To Make Baseball Clothespin Magnets: Perfect For School Lockers

Opening Day. It’s like a holiday here in St. Louis. We make a big deal out of the start of baseball season in the Lou! People dress in their Cardinal’s red finest and take off work to attend the home opener. Some might even take off the following day to recover from all the Opening Day festivities.

And this year is extra special for a couple of reasons. For starters we haven’t been able to fully celebrate Opening Day for a couple of years now due to the pandemic. Secondly,

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How To Make Baseball Clothespin Magnets

Here’s a fun craft that you can make with your kids to celebrate the kick off of baseball season. Or just anytime to show your love of the game.

What you’ll need to make the baseball clothespin magnets:

Felt baseball stickers
White craft paint
Paint brush
Adhesive magnetic strips

baseball magnet craft


Step 1: Paint your clothespins. You will need to make sure to allow some areas to dry first before going on to paint the rest of the clothespin.

painting clothespin white
painted white clothespins

Step 2: Cut the magnet to size to fit whatever size clothespin you have.

cutting strip magnet

Step 3: Peel off the backing from the magnet.

peeling sticker magnet

Step 4: Press the sticky side of the magnet to the back of the clothespin and adhere securely.

sticker magnet

Step 5: Lastly just peel the backing off a baseball sticker and affix to front of the clothespin.

foam baseball sticker
baseball craft

*You may secure both the magnet and the sticker with glue if you prefer.

How cute are these?!

While really fun for kids to have at school (or in teachers to have in the classroom), these cute baseball clothespin magnets aren’t just for the school lockers. So easy to make and a great way to place notes in the kitchen on the refrigerator or dishwasher.

school locker baseball clothespin magnets

Perfect for going on the school locker. And the clothespin design of it is great for holding notes, pictures, etc. So fun and easy to make!

Such a fun and easy craft for kids to make, too!

baseball clothespin magnets craft

St. Louis had most definitely missed the Opening Day experience so it’s great to have it back!

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