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15+ of The Best Boredom Busters for Kids to Enjoy All Summer Long

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Oh summertime. The time of year that kids are home from school for months at a time and they get bored. There are actually so many fun boredom busters that the whole family can enjoy together. Gather round and try one of these fun things to break up the long summer day together as a family!

boredom busters

15+ of The Best Boredom Busters for Kids to Enjoy All Summer Long

I for one could sit down all day every day with a good book and just relax all summer long. That’s my idea of a good beach vacation. I’m not particularly a fan of the sand or the water or the heat or the sunburns, so a beach vacation isn’t really my favorite except it’s the opportunity to sit down with a good book.

Kids though, they need to be engaged in something or they do indeed get bored. And fast. Their attention spans only last for so long! And summer is often a long drawn out time away from school.

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We are just a few weeks out from school starting back for the year. Summer is most definitely starting to drag and wind down. I’ve heard the whining voice of “I’m BORED!!!” being uttered already more than a few times. Here are the best boredom busters that kids will enjoy all summer long. It’s a great way to finish out the summer while waiting for school to start back!

What are boredom busters?

Boredom busters are specifically things to do to have fun when you feel like you have nothing to do. Summer can get boring when it starts to feel like the same thing over and over again.

Favorite Boredom Busters

When kid’s have time away from school they typically want to spend every day waking up and then lounging around for a while before then starting to do the same activities from the day before… all on repeat each day. It’s enough to make anyone start to feel bored.

Here are more than 15 ideas to try. The best boredom busters for kids to enjoy all summer long!

And many of them have free shipping!

4 in 1 Water and Sand Table

This table is perfect for the little kids in the family. And a great way to stay cool in the summer heat! Kids can play in the sand and water with toys. It’s also the perfect height for little ones.

Get this fun water and sand table HERE.

Cat’s Cradle Book

This is the ultimate boredom buster for older kids on road trips! It’s easy to pack to take along and has lots of ideas for complicated cat’s cradles to create with simply a section of string and your fingers!

Get this fun cat’s cradle book HERE.

Handheld Retro Games

Give kids a blast from the past with these retro handheld toys! They are just as novel and fun as they were in your own childhood.

Get a handheld water game HERE.

50 Cool Things to Do in the Car

This box is packed with ideas for fun to be had in the car, without a screen! With 50 activities and ideas, this is a must have for long road trips this summer. Or just driving around town!

Get this road trip box of fun HERE.

Giant Connect 4 Game

This larger than life game brings a classic to the big time! Kids of all ages are going to want to give this yard sized connect 4 game a go!

Get the giant Connect 4 HERE.

Bunch o Balloons

Water games are the perfect way to cool off from the heat of summer. This handy balloon bunch makes filling water balloons for a party or water fight easier than ever! These are perfect to pull out anytime the kids say they are bored!

Get these fun and easy to fill water balloons HERE.

Bubble Guns

This is the most fun way to have a fight ever! With bubbles! Kids are going to want to battle all summer long.

Get your own set of bubble guns HERE.

Body Bumpers

These inflatable body bumpers are so much fun for little kids! They can bounce and bump into each other, without any injuries!

Get these unique inflatables HERE.

Rocket Launcher Toy

Get the kids ready to blast off into summer fun with this rocket launcher! They can combine science and active play into one fuss free toy with this!

Get these foam rocket launchers HERE.

Refillable Water Balloons

These are just as fun as a water balloon but they are totally eco friendly! Reuse them all summer long for a fun way to stay cool.

Get the reusable water balls HERE.

Twister Splash

This version of twister is a total splash! Move your hands or feet and you might get sprayed!

Get the fun splash pad game HERE.

Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler

This super tall sprinkler makes water play nothing short of magical! It makes for such a fun addition to your summer!

Get the ginormous unicorn sprinkler HERE.

Skip Ball

These balls bounce on water! What a great way to jazz up water play this summer.

Get this fun game set HERE.

Giant Wubble Bubble Ball

This giant wubble bubble ball is the perfect way to make a fun day just a giant bubble away!

Get this giant inflatable ball HERE.

Ladder Ball

Outdoor games are perfect for playing in your own backyard. Give kids an active outlet for summer with ladder ball! It is a great game for an afternoon with friends or family. Especially perfect for during your BBQ.

Get this fun yard game HERE.

Sponge Darts

sponge darts boredom busters

What’s a fun way to decide on which boredom buster to do?

Place all the ideas in a bored jar!

boredom busters bored jar

There are so many great ideas for tackling the lulls of summer. When all else fails just announce that it’s reading time! Or announce this before doing the home activities above. Because reading is always a good choice. Signing your kids up for the summer reading program at your library is a great way to combat the boredom blues.

But what about the rainy days?

summer boredom busters

Many of the above activities are for outdoors and while summer is known for the elevated temperatures, sometimes it does rain and you get stuck indoors. There are also plenty of fun activities that you can do indoors for a great time.

Looking for more family activity ideas?

Get more ideas on the blog HERE.


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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