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Best Branson Attraction: The Runaway Coaster

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Of all the Branson attractions we experienced last month we found that The Runaway Mountain Coaster was a family favorite for all. Our trip to Branson was all about multigenerational travel, since my parents were with us, so it was definitely dandy to discover the best Branson attraction that everyone has raved about. We were given free tickets for the first ride on the coaster, but our kids liked it so much so that we bought another trip down that Ozark mountain!

Best Branson Attraction: The Runaway Mountain Coaster

Buckle up in your own state of the art coaster or ride as a passenger if your combined weight is under 300 lbs. Our kids road as passengers.

The coaster will take you all the way up to the top of the mountain and then you will come back down using your hand brakes to have control over your speed. I went really slow… You will literally coast with the trees all around you so it’s a beautiful view!

As you can see from these happy faces it’s a really fun ride!

*Note that you need to leave your phones and cameras in the car since they are not allowed on the coaster. Since I wasn’t able to film the adventure you’ll have to check out the company’s footage below. It’s from an employee training with no brakes!

The Runaway Mountain Coaster is definitely a best Branson attraction and one that we will be going back to. Our kids still talk about it and so do my parents!

Have you ever been to The Runaway Mountain Coaster in Branson?

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