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Best DIY Gel Nail Polish You Need To Try For Yourself

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I haven’t been to the nail salon in a long time. Mostly because I haven’t been anywhere in a long time. Ha! (You all with me on this social distancing and quarantine life?) But seriously… I’ve been doing my own gel nails at home for a while now. I figure why pay nail salon prices when you can save with DIY gel nail polish? Read on to find out how to save!

Best DIY gel nail polish GelMoment

Best DIY Gel Nail Polish You Need To Try For Yourself

When it comes to dong my own nails, I used to hate it. I’m not that talented with painting and thought that I just needed to go to the professionals. So I did. And I spent lots of $$$ doing that. I thought it was too difficult for someone like me to do gel nails at home. All the product that I needed to use. All those layers. Base Coat. Color Coat. Top Coat. Too difficult to do at home, right? Wrong. I’ve been introduced to a gel nail polish that is one-step. Just the color coat and it cures like at the salon!


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Last summer I noticed my friend’s nails. She was constantly changing them up and when I found out that she did it all herself… I was shocked! This friend happens to be an OBGYN so I knew that if it held up to her amount of hand washing then it had to be good. I ordered some and was instantly hooked.

I’ve been getting my nails all summer style ready around here with GelMoment.


Order GelMoment HERE.



GelMoment Nails

 I’m a GelMoment fan!



So many colors perfect for summer style!

GelMoment summer nail colors

GelMoment nail polish

gel nail polish

There are just so many gorgeous nail polish colors to choose from. The above aren’t even close to being all of them! See all the pretty colors HERE.


So glad that I’m able to do my nails at home! 

What else have I been doing at home these days?


Bubly grapefruit sparkling water pink Beauty Queen GelMoment gel nail polish

Getting fit! I’ve been walking 3-4 miles on most days. Eating health, too. I’ve also given up drinking diet soda. It had become such a bad habit. I haven’t had it in over 2 weeks and I’m feeling good. Switching to Bubly sparkling water has really helped in the process. It’s so tasty, the grapefruit flavor is amazing, and it matches my nails. *wink* Get your own Bubly sparkling water HERE.


Get GelMoment nails HERE.



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