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Best Figure Skating Clothing For Skater Girls

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If you follow me on Instagram then you probably have noticed that I spend a great deal of time at the ice rink.  Naturally I would know just a bit by now about figure skating clothing. Read on to see some really great shirts, leggings, and more that are perfect for wearing both on and off the rink.

Figure skating clothing that's perfect for skater girls.

Two weeks after Ivy turned 5, we enrolled her in an intro skating class with a friend. The girl had never even had a pair of skates on before! She’s now almost 7 (she turns the end of December) and we cannot keep her away from the rink. Last year for Christmas Santa brought her a pair of skates. She was so surprised and thrilled. This year I’m thinking that Santa is going need to get her some new skates because her foot has grown…

Our girl loves ice skating. It’s her thing. Here she is from last year’s performance of Nutcracker On Ice.

Sweet Figure Skating Clothing

Figure skating clothing in red and white as a sweet.

Nutcracker On Ice figure skating clothing. Mom and daughter with a skater bear.

She was a little sweet last year and this year she will be a fairy!

Best Figure Skating Clothing For Skater Girls


Figure Skating Hoodies

Figure skating clothing eat, sleep skate hoodie.

This one available HERE.





Figure Skating Dress

Purple figure skating clothing dress.

This one available HERE.





Figure Skating T-Shirts

This one available HERE.




Figure Skating Practice Pants

Rhinestone figure skating clothing practice pants.

Details HERE.



Figure Skating Skirt

Pink skirt figure skating clothing.

Details HERE.




Figure Skating Tank Tops

This one available HERE.



White figure skates and black figure skating clothing on ice.


Even long sleeved shirts make for some cute figure skating clothing!

This one available HERE.

So many great options to choose from. I hope this list was a help for finding some great fashions for your own little skater girl.

Stay tuned to see our girl in Nutcracker On Ice here in St. Louis December 8th and 9th. I’ll be sure to put lots of pictures up on social media. It’s going to be so much fun!

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