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The Best Fruits and Vegetables to Grow for Canning

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When it comes to preserving food for future use, many people want to know what type of fruits and vegetables they should grow for canning. If you’re new to canning or perhaps just want to place a focus on growing food items that you can preserve for your stockpile, then you’ll enjoy this list of the best fruits and vegetables to grow for canning.

Easy DIY canning ideas

The Best Fruits and Vegetables to Grow for Canning From Your Own Garden

My great-grandmother would can all year long. Her canned peaches were amazing and I was known to eat an entire jar of her pickles in one sitting.

Use this as your one-stop resource for selecting the right fruits and vegetables to ensure you get a good stockpile of food canned up for future use. This method is actually quite important for emergency preparedness. Canning your garden fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to be more prepared for any future pandemic that causes us to be stuck at home for months on end. 

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Garden Items To Can



Consider adding a few blackberry bushes to your yard for future canning. You can purchase thornless blackberry bushes if you’re concerned about having thorns around kids. 

blackberries blueberries



The key to growing blueberries for canning is to have a bird net over them as birds love blueberries as much as humans do. Blueberries bushes can also serve as a decorative shrub. 






Whether you opt to pickle cucumbers or can them as cucumbers, these are an excellent vegetable to grow in your garden. 

growing cucumbers yellow flower





This is a spice or herb, depending on what you want to call it that is heavily used in cooking and something you can easily grow this year and can for future use. 

fresh garlic




Green Beans

It’s important to have some green vegetables preserved so that you can get your folic acid and other fabulous nutrients. Green beans are easy to grow and can for a food stockpile. 

fresh green beans






This fruit that’s great for canning will grow year after year giving you plenty of options to whip up some jam or jelly to can for your food stockpile this year.

strawberry plant 





The best vegetables to help with sight, carrots are easily grown and can preserve really well in canning jars for use in stews and soups during the colder months. 

carrots for canning





Just think about how much homemade salsa you can enjoy when you opt to grow peppers in your vegetable garden for canning. This is a must-have vegetable for the canning season. 

peppers for salsa





Speaking of salsa, tomatoes (the main staple in salsa) are a great option for food storage canning. This type can be used as stewed tomatoes, in soups and so many other recipes all winter long.

soup tomatoes for canning





Whether you like pickled beets or not, beets are another excellent vegetable option to have on hand to can this year for your winter and fall food storage.

home grown beets


These are just some of my favorite recommendations for fruits and vegetables to grow for canning. If you’re new to canning, then be sure to do your due diligence in researching the supplies you’ll need for canning so that you’re able to grow these fruits and vegetables properly for your at-home food stockpile and emergency preparedness. 


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