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10 Best Holiday Toys For Under The Christmas Tree

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I found myself needing to visit the toy aisle today. Our youngest was due a prize for an accomplishment and so off we went to the store… With the rest of St. Louis. You’d think that Thanksgiving was next week or something. Everyone was shopping for the turkey dinner. The store was packed! We saw so many of the best holiday toys while there. Read on to find out what will be under our Christmas tree this year and what you need to watch for Black Friday shopping!

Best holiday toys for under the Christmas tree.

10 Best Holiday Toys For Under The Christmas Tree

Every year various companies will send samples, that in turn get wrapped to go under our tree from Santa, and I photograph the items to include in a blog post for you all to hopefully get ideas for what Santa will bring to your house. I love this part of my job. It’s fun to learn about all the hot holiday toys and then pass the ideas on to you. Makes me feel sort of like Mrs. Claus! Below you will find five of the top holiday toys that arrived on my front porch and a few that I already picked up during the year. PLUS a few more toys that I’m trying to convince Mr. Claus that the kids need to also receive this year. *wink* Ten of the best toys that kids will want to find under the tree!

You better watch out

You better not cry

Better not pout

I’m telling you why

Mrs. Claus is coming to town


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Best Holiday Toys To Watch For While Black Friday Shopping


Target merry and bright pillow with kids toys and holiday decor.




Carmen Sandiego Handheld Electronic Game

Carmen Sandiego handheld electronic game best holiday toys.

Sing it with me. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? I cannot tell you how many hours I spent playing on the original during indoor recess. And then the television show? Oh the memories!

Get your own Carmen Sandiego Handheld Electronic Game HERE.





Rizmo Evolving Musical Friend

Pink Rizmo evolving music friend best holiday toys.

This is the interactive toy that’s flying off the shelves this holiday season. Full of fun and music for both girls and boys.

Get your own Rizmo Evolving Musical Friend HERE.





K’nex Dragon’s Revenge Thrill Coaster

Knex Dragons Revenge Thrill Coaster roller coaster building set.

My MIL is planning to get our kids some building sets they can do together. It encourages creativity and time spent as a family. This roller coaster building set is full of thrills!


Get your own K’nex Dragon’s Revenge Thrill Coaster HERE.





K’nex Pac-Man Roller Coaster

Knex Pacman roller coaster building set best holiday toys.

Here’s another classic that I would spend hours playing on at my grandparent’s house. Pac-Man is legend and back for a whole new generation to enjoy with a roller coaster building set.


Get your own K’nex Pac-Man Roller Coaster HERE.




Ryan’s World Ultimate Red Titan

Ryans World Ultimate Red Titan Robot.

Basically you cannot go wrong with anything from Ryan’s World. Kids everywhere are obsessed with his YouTube channel and his line of toys are on definitely hot holiday items.

Get your own Ryan’s World Ultimate Red Titan HERE.





Classic Pound PuppiesBrown and white classic Pound Puppy best holiday toys.

Read all about the comeback of Pound Puppies on the blog HERE.

I had so many of these Pound Puppies! So naturally when the 80’s toy came back… I had to get a few of them to put under the tree.


Get your own Classic Pound Puppies HERE.





Newborn Pound Puppies
Black and white dalmatian Newborn Pound Puppy.

Read all about the comeback of Pound Puppies on the blog HERE.

I also had several of the Newborn Pound Puppies and even the Pound Puppy carrier. It’s so fun that Basic Fun Toys brought the newborns back, too.


Get your own Newborn Pound Puppies HERE.





Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Crayola light up tracing pad fashion plates toy.

Our daughter loves to draw and this makes me totally think of Fashion Plates from days gone by. Remember those fun fashion designer toys?


Get your own Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad HERE.





Owleez Flying Baby Owl

White Owleez flying owl interactive toy.

The owl actually flies! A fun interactive toy with lights and sound. Definitely going to be on a lot of Christmas lists this year.


Get your own Owleez Flying Baby Owl HERE.




Speak & Spell

Basic Fun Speak and Spell electronic handheld game.

Such a happy surprise to see these back! The original on E.T. is such a cherished treasure for many families.

Get your own Speak & Spell HERE.


80’s Best Holiday Toys

Did you notice all the toy flash backs? Basic Fun Toys has been bringing back so many favorites. I think that getting to relive my own childhood is my favorite part of Christmas shopping for my kids. There are so many classic toys being brought back for new generations to enjoy.

Happy shopping for these best holiday toys!


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